Jennifer McCarthy's Dog Training Review - World Class Dog Trainer

Jennifer McCarthy - World Class Dog Trainer

I have three adorable dogs that are loving to just about anyone. The only problem is when they come across strangers. They tend to bark a bit too much.

The problem is when new people or new dogs approach them, I can’t control their barking. I didn’t realize that my dogs had control over me until my first session with Jennifer McCarthy. She noticed this problem instantly! Right as I came out my car with my dogs, she quickly pointed out what I was doing wrong with them. I was allowing them to control me instead of me controlling them and that had to be changed as soon as possible!

Jennifer McCarthy - World Class Dog Trainer

As dog parents, we tend to baby them. Jennifer has pointed out that  this is not the correct relationship to have with your dog. Dog owners need to let their dog know they are the alpha-male (the leader).

Dog owners must learn how to understand their language and love them as dogs and not as human beings. If they do not know who the alpha male is in the relationship, they will try and take on that role.

Jennifer McCarthy - World Class Dog Trainer

So one exercise I learned to control their behavior is the body rub. When they start getting aggressive there is a section on their body I stroke and it calms them down and soothes them to a relaxed state to control their behavior.

This may sound silly, but it has made my life easier when my dogs get out of control. I simply rub this one spot and they quickly settle down and behave correctly. It doesn’t take much effort at all.

Jennifer McCarthy

Unfortunately, our dogs want to feel superior and as dog parents we must learn how to show them who is their leader so they look to us for guidance. Their excessive barking is a way to show that they are in control and want or need something to be done for them.

Another way to handle their bark is to put a bunch of pennies in an aluminum can and shake it when they bark. When they hear the rattling of the pennies against the can, it over-powers their bark and now you have control and their bark comes to a stop. This simple exercise allows you to show them that your bark is greater than theirs and they need to settle down.

Jennifer McCarthy’s useful methods have come in handy in my home on a daily basis. Jennifer also taught me how to be in control while walking my dogs as well as keep them under control when their in the car. This world class dog trainer knows what she’s doing because their behavior has changed. 

Jennifer is a fourth generation dog trainer and is among the most skilled practitioners in her field. Jennifer’s unconventional approach toward obedience, behavior and protection training has been honed over a lifetime of love for dogs, experience, and study, including close interaction with wolves in the wild.

She has so many different methods and backgrounds to choose from and because no dog and human are alike she sets out to accomplish specific goals and builds a healthy human and dog relationship catered exclusively for owner and dog. Each doggie client is different, therefore, each training is different.

Jennifer McCarthy - World Class Dog Trainer

Jennifer uses a variety of topics throughout her private and group sessions. In comparison to other trainers, she focuses on the fact that you will receive an education that extends beyond traditional training and dog behavior. You will learn to live with your dog in peace and harmony with nature. This education embraces the importance of emotional balance (yes, dogs have emotions too), physical strength, health, vitality and the art of mastering leadership. Participants come to her ranch for private training, “boarding school” for dogs, and to spend time building a stronger bond with their pets.”

Jennifer has made my life as a parent of three little dogs easier with using just a few of her methods right off the bat! Using her methods consistently, I have a more appropriate relationship where they know I am the alpha-male and they need to obey me. The barking has come to an ease when approached by strangers. Thanks Jennifer!

Jennifer McCarthy - World Class Dog Trainer

For more information on Jennifer McCarthy and her dog training seminars, please visit her website:

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