- Who Will Love Your Pets?

If you died tomorrow, who would have your pet?

You’re out walking your dog when a drunk driver loses control of his vehicle.  You’re hit… sorry, you’re dead.  Your dog escapes with his life – untouched, merely a silent witness.  Lucky?  Maybe not.  Very soon, he might be dead too.

2.5 million Americans die every year.  Every day, over 7,000 loving pets lose their owner.  If you didn’t put your wishes in writing and you tragically die unexpectedly, the chances are you’ll be headline news for a day and your pet will fast end up in a shelter, or worse, euthanized. 

If you want to save your pet’s life, you can’t be silent.  When you’re dead, your only voice is what you leave.   To have any effect on executors or courts, your wishes have to be in writing.

Jon & Liz Sayers with DaisyMae the dog.

A handwritten document might be enough – but make sure it’s found quickly.  “Death paperwork” has no value whatsoever if it’s not found.  Meanwhile, with you dead, life for your pet is not guaranteed.  More than 3 million pets are euthanized every year.  That’s one every 8 seconds.

You don’t want to leave your pet deprived of your love, with his/her life at stake.  The question is:  what can you do right now to protect your pet?

Pets Letter of Wishes.

You can provide legally for a pet in a Living Trust, a Pets Trust or a Last Will & Testament, but these involve a lot of other decisions you’ll need to make that may feel too overwhelming. 

The cost associated may also deter you from choosing these options, – For several years, however,, and have been providing a fast DIY service that meets the needs of many, while charging a fraction of the cost of an attorney.  

A simpler option is a Pets Letter of Wishes.  You can deal with the pet issue immediately, so if life ended tomorrow you would have done the right thing by your pet.  Of online services, only enables you to make a Pets Letter of Wishes where you can name a caregiver for your pet in only a few minutes. 

If you die, this document will be your voice, speaking loud and clear to executors, courts, family and friends that you want your pet to be living with the person you choose.  The impact will be considerable, if not decisive.

Pip the dog.

The benefits are enormous, positive and instant.  For your pet, if ever left without you, the future will be much more certain because you took the time and effort to record what you want on paper. 

For your loved ones left behind who have to deal with your pet, the Pets Letter of Wishes will remove all of the “what shall we do with Fifi?” questions…the unnecessary stress during what you know will be an awful time of loss for them.  For you, peace of mind.  This comes with removing a nagging worry, combined with the glow of knowing you provided for your pet to have a new loving home without you.

If you use the Internet, you can make a Pets Letter of Wishes for each of your pets today at – the price is no different whether you have one pet or 50.  For your Fifi, this document will be in your hands just a few minutes from now. 

Who will love him?

You can incorporate important information about your pet, like his pet food & amount, medical history, the veterinarian, his favorite toys & games, necessary exercises, the TV shows he likes best, and so on.  

You can add a favorite photo of your pet too.  Not only does this add to the document’s visual appeal, it adds a powerful identity factor too.  No mix-ups.

Make sure they are safe.

Finally, if you want, you have the option to get the Letter witnessed.  This helps to ensure that executors and courts will give your Pets Letter of Wishes due legal consideration as the only written statement about the future of your pet…just when your pet will be needing attention and a new home immediately!   

Jon Sayers, President of, makes it easy for people to make documents protecting their pets. Last Will & Testament, Pets Letter of Wishes, Private Letters and other essential documents are together just $19.95. Neither Jon nor provides any legal advice, only legal information.

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