Hollywood Hound Review - Doggies Rule on The Sunset Strip

This landmark was once owned by Jay Ward - creator/animator of Rocky and Bullwinkle

The gigantic Rocky & Bullwinkle statue on Sunset was once the home of animator, Jay Ward who created Rocky & Bullwinkle. This landmark has been around for over 20 years. It is now Hollywood Hounds. Their exclusive canine care center offers a world class collection of inexpensive doggy services - from grooming and day care to training and recreation programs.

Hollywood Hounds entrance

The front desk

Maya and Felix Preston have been the owners for the last seven years. They are more like parents to the doggies they care for. When each dog comes in, Maya greets them as if they were her own children. She truly loves them and showers them with lots of affection. Felix is a true father to the doggies. He talks to them with a firm, but loving voice and they listen to him.

What a life!

Doggies can watch TV and feel at home

I don't leave my five doggies anywhere. After meeting Maya, Felix and the staff, and seeing how affectionate they are, I felt my babies were safe and cared for. Hollywood Hounds has an adorable puppy room with a television so the doggies can feel at home. Puppies lie on a chair or couch and look so comfy - I was almost tempted to join them. They also have a big backyard with a gazebo so the dogs can run around freely. If they don't feel like watching TV, they can roam around outside or inside. Hollywood Hounds is like home away from home where doggies can also enjoy the sun or the air-conditioned indoors. In the hot summer months, Hollywood Hounds provides swimming pools so dogs can cool off.

Hollywood Hounds front yard

Home away from home

The dogs are never alone and they seem very happy. One owner came in saying that her dog has a girlfriend. When the dog heard her name, he jumped with excitement.

Doggies can take in the sun

Doggies are happy at Hollywood Hounds

Thomas Bojorquez was responsible for making my babies look and smell so wonderful. They were treated like stars with the Ultimate Spa Treatment which consisted of the following:

1.  Pre-Bath brush out and trim of pads, feet and hygiene area
2.  Blueberry facial using a tearless coconut/blueberry exfoliante
3.  Nails clipped, filed and smoothed
4.  Paws and nose moisturized with soothing organic balm
5.  Teeth brushed including fresh breath spray
6.  Anal glands checked
7.  Extra hand brushing and fluff dry
8.  Grooming finishing spray to make your dog shine
9.  Pet fragrance of your choice
10. Bandana or bows

You are also entitled to 50% off de-shedding or hot oil treatment of your choice with a Sunset Spa experience

More space to roam around

"We only use products that are natural, PH balanced and hypo-allergenic with no chemicals, guaranteed to leave your pet super clean with a soft and shiny coat."

Other Services:

1. Frontline flea and tick application
2. De-shedding treatment
3. Hot oil treatment for dry, flaky, itchy skin
4. De-matting
5.Nail pawlish
6. Hair color - inquire
7. Tick removal
8. Nail trim
9. Deep conditioning
10. Medicated bath

Hollywood Hounds specializes in puppies, elderly pets, pets with special needs, all terriers, poodles, and all sporting breeds. That's not all, your doggie can have a birthday party under the outdoor garden mural of the "Hollywoof Bowl" plus "muttramony" or "barkmitzvah" ceremonies in the gazebo are among some of the fun special events offered.



Maya, Felix, and their staff take their jobs seriously and ensure that each dog is treated individually because they each have their own personality. They need a lot of attention and exercise – Hollywood Hounds provides this for each one. They're not just left alone and scared, they are loved, touched, and cared for by every staff member.

Here's a happy hound

Hollywood Hounds

I can count on Hollywood Hounds because they have everything a doggie parent needs: from doggie day care and overnight pet sitting, to grooming and canine couture, Hollywood Hounds has everything a doggy needs. When I picked up my doggies, they looked so beautiful and sparkling clean. I was happy and so were my babies. Thank you Maya and Felix for making Hollywood Hounds such a home for doggies.


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