Dogs Allowed - A Cause for Much Love Animal Rescue

Alex Nesic and Melissa Sagemiller - Mayte and Mimi Germain

A dog is no longer "man's best friend." These days, a dog is part of the family and many times goes along for the ride with mom, dad, or the siblings. I should know, I have five dogs and love them as I love my own children. I'm not sure why they're so therapeutic, but whatever it is, I can't see my family without our furry babies. At one point, I thought something was wrong with me because I cared for them so much, but I came to understand I'm not alone.


In Fact, there are millions of people like me and thousands of organizations that care and rescue dogs as well as other animals. Much Love Animal Rescue has been working hard to aid animals in need in the Los Angeles area.

Kari Whitman and Beau Garrett - Dr. Jeff Werber and Mimi Germain

There are special events all around where you can find several breeds of dogs walking the red carpet on all fours. At Vanguard 6021 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood CA, Dogs Allowed was a cause to help support Much Love Animal Rescue. Hollywood's who's who got to party with their pooches and hang out with pet trainer to the stars Mimi Germain. This star studded event was graced with pet lovin' celebrity supporters like: Sarah Kozer, Mayte Garcia, Sharon Lawrence, Kari Whitman, Beau Garrett, Tommy  Lee, Holly King, Melissa Sagemiller, Alex Nesic, Camille Guaty, Jennifer Freeman Steve Adler, Courtney & Ashley Peldon, Lisa Edelstein, Jenn Quednau, Jasmine Trias and Shaney Rigsby.

Sharon Lawrence and Cooper - One of the models

The moment that I stepped into the event, I felt my stressors vanish as I looked into the eyes of adorable dogs of various breeds. The garden patio at Vanguard was transformed into a dog friendly nightlife oasis with help from Skybark Previous Skybark events have been very successful at the Petapotty headquarters downtown permanent location. Petapotty, the founders of Skybark provided public Petapotty's for the pet partygoers' doggy business needs as well as bottles of it new odor eliminator "Smel'u'later". Orange County K9  created a VIP lounge for dogs only with their custom leather beds.

Runway fun

So what did the Hollywood pet hotties eat?  The Honest Kitchen launched their new summer treat – Ice Pups which they served up to the canine posh crowd in attendance at the Dogs Allowed party. The make-at-home treat simply requires pet owners to add warm water, freeze in bite-sized portions and serve. The Honest Kitchen, a Pacific Beach pet food company produces a line of human grade dehydrated raw pet food. The Honest Kitchen provides natural pet food, herbal supplements and all-natural treats, with an emphasis on nutritional awareness, social responsibility and a commitment to animal well-being.

Mimi Germain and Brandon Hochman of Petapotty - Kari Whitman

Besides the yummy treats from The Honest Kitchen folks, Vita Paw dog water hosted a canine bar where the four-legged could sip from martini shaped drinking bowls. The water contains vitamins and minerals to refresh, rehydrate and reward your dog.

Camille Guaty - Jennifer Freeman

The guests will be wooed and entertained as with the latest in Doggie fashions presented by OLD NAVY , HIP DOGGIE  and DOG IN PARIS  The dogs strutted their stuff to an audience of more than 200 showcasing the looks that make your pet feel like a star.

Orange County K9 crew - The lovely ladies at Honest Kitchen

Some of the dogs had a chance to get primped and dolled up by Go Hollywood Grooming providing on site pawicures and finishing touches with bows, scarves and more. They were also launching their organic, ph balanced and all-natural pet shampoo HG Pet Body Wash .


Other companies that contributed to the success of this event include: Eloise Pet Accessories, Dr Jeff Werber, Biobag,, Dogswell, Steaz, VeeV, and Sweet Lady Jane

While we humans, shook hands and mingled amongst each other, my pooches sniffed around, licked around and made new friends of all sizes and shapes. They had lots of tasty treats, lots of fresh water. Petapotty provided public Petapotty's for the pet partygoers' when they had to mind their business. The magical night truly was a dog friendly bash. I am thankful to see so many dogs that are loved by special parents, and I'm proud to be one of them and to have had the pleasure to attend this great cause.

Unfortunately, there are animals that are not so lucky—they are abused, neglected or homeless. But fortunately, the goal at Dogs Allowed was to raise money for pets that need to be rescued. Much Love Animal Rescue is a 100% nonprofit, no-kill organization dedicated to reducing overpopulation, abuse and neglect of domestic animals. Much Love is run entirely by like-minded professionals who volunteer their time and resources to help save the lives of animals. Since 2000, they have successfully placed over 2,000 animals in loving homes.

I think the more you give in life, the more you get out of life. Celebrities lend their name and status to help save more and more animals, rehabilitate them and place them into loving homes. You can feel at ease helping Much Love Animal Rescue as they were named " Best L.A. Animal Shelter" in 2003 by Animal Fair magazine.

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