Bark Busters Review – Hollywood Dog Trainer, John Knight Comes to the Rescue

Bark Busters - Worlds Largest Dog Training

When you begin to train your dog, you first need to show your dog who’s master.  He expects you to educate him and set rules for him.  For better or for worse, dogs learn how to behave from their owners. It all comes down to the information the dog has been given. For you to be able to achieve any results with your dog, control is essential.  By control, Bark Busters, Home Dog Training, means establishing your position as pack leader.  Yes, you are the leader of your dog. Maintain eye contact – especially when doing basic obedience.  Be calm, confident, and firm when around your dog.  Most of all, be very, very patient and very, very consistent.  

John Knight with my three pups (Left to Right) Venus, Boomer, & Zeus

John Knight is my dog trainer. When I talked with him over the phone, he had a positive, sincere comforting voice. He understood my situation and assured me he would be able to help me, which  made me feel at ease. John explained to me the psychology about dogs - they are pack animals. As much as we love them and try to humanize them to fit into society, they will always have their pack instinct.  What does this mean?  It means you will need to make a few changes to your dog’s life by setting rules and ensuring they are followed. Again, he needs to know that you are the leader.  

Just after three weeks, my dogs constant barking has calmed down – they would bark at unfamiliar voices or noises. They don’t jump on the bed or couch unless I allow them.  I have taught them to know who is the “pack leader.” Although they still test me, they know the Bark Busters' command “Bah!” This may sound silly, but when I say this quick command, they have learned to listen, which has made my life a lot easier.

My 3 pups love John Knight and he clearly loves dogs

The great thing about Bark Busters is that their trainers will come to you when you need them. So when I felt like I just wasn’t being the “pack leader,” John came out to my home to help. What’s important is not just what you say to your dog, but how you say it. When I talked to my dogs, they needed to know that I am in command, and John re-assured me how to take command and have more confidence with them. As “pack leader,” I have to separate my love for them and not give in when they want to smother me with their love.

John Knight and Boomer

John Knight has loved dogs his entire life, and it shows. But he also commands the respect of dogs as well.  When he took control of my dogs, they listened, but then immediately he showed his love for them as well, and my dogs returned the sentiment, showing their love to him. This is the key to being the “pack leader.” Before being a dog trainer, John spent 12 years traveling the world as an author, “Change Your Conversations... Change Your Life,” and Human Development lecturer before becoming familiar with Bark Busters. He has a graduate degree in theology and worked with changing human behavior for over the last twenty years. This is what makes him a successful dog trainer.

John Knight - Serving BelAir, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica and West Hollywood

He became acquainted with Bark Busters when he needed help for his adopted dog who came with a lot of problems, including: dog aggression, barking, toileting in the house, anti-social behavior and separation anxiety. After three days of working with his dog, he totally lost the aggression and the other issues diminished drastically. When John saw how quickly it turned his dog around, he called to join Bark Busters.  John feels fortunate to be in a position to help improve the relationship between owners and their dogs and to be a part of making the families happier.  John insists that his clients call him anytime to discuss any problems they may have with their dog's behavior. Every time I called John, he put me at ease and answered all my questions,  which makes Bark Busters very unique.

Previously, my dogs did not view me as pack leader, which is why I had been having trouble with them.  But now I have learned to be consistently dominant. I had to be patient and firm and make an effort to win in every situation. The goal is to be consistent with your dog and he will quickly follow your new rules and behave the way you want.  Dogs will apply for this job, but it’s up to the master to take this job. I had to spend at least fifteen minutes a day training my dogs (heeling, coming when called, sit/stay, etc.). Getting your dog to sit/stay is a great way to gain control and reinforce the Bark Busters' command word—“BAH.” If you want your dog to sit in a specific place when the doorbell rings, begin to practice the sit/stay in that place. Do this as much as possible without the distraction of the doorbell at first. Then later, add the doorbell as a distraction.

John Knight with his dog Charlie

John Knight is Bark Busters' Dog Trainer/Therapist for the Los Angeles area including: Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, Beverly Hills, Belair, West Hollywood and Culver City Bark Busters was developed in Australia, their dog-friendly training techniques leverage the same communications methods - body language and voice control - that dogs follow as part of their instinctual pack mentality. All training takes place in your home. The Bark Busters all-natural methods are effective with any dog, any age - including puppies. Bark Busters will help your dogs with the following problems:

• Basic Obedience (sit, stay, down, come)
• Barking
• Aggression toward dogs
• Aggression toward people
• Digging
• Jumping
• Nipping/Chewing
• Potty Training
• Pulling on Lead
• Separation Anxiety
• Walking to Heel
• Whining

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