Bark Avenue Bark-o-Ween Review - Dogs of All Sizes and Colors Celebrate

Los Angeles, CA -  Doggies of all types were dressed to impress in their favorite Halloween costumes at the annual Bark Avenue Day Care Bark-o-Ween party. Okay, so the guardians have most of the fun. This party was one of the most unforgettable Halloween costume parties that I’ve attended.

Dogs, costumes and more dogs!

At this barking event, there was a princess, a piggy, a dragon, a cow, a lobster, and lots of fantasy creatures that enjoyed an evening of free day care and fun. Bark Avenue is the largest facility serving man’s best friend in the greater downtown Los Angeles area.

Bark-o-Ween is a party that many Bark Avenue day care customers look forward to each year. One lucky dog won “Best Costume” and received a free week of day care.  This year, “Patsy,” the Beagle won for her, too-cute, Bumble Bee outfit.  Patsy buzzed around and seemed to be having a wonderful time with the rest of her furry friends. She’s been a day care customer for over a year, five days a week. Patsy is the Paris Hilton of the doggie kingdom and is a usual attendee at the Bark Avenue monthly parties.

Girls just wanna have fun but so do doggies. Coined “Party Central for dogs,” Bark Avenue’s day care center hosts monthly themed parties such as “Aye Chihuahua Cinco de Mayo, Summer Hawaiian Luau, and Smilin’ Irish St. Puppy’s Day. The parties help increase socialization among the dogs, as well as provide an opportunity for dog guardians to get acquainted and learn about new training and interaction tips.

More doggies making friends

Doggies got to strike a pose for professional pet photographer Chip Latshaw who is frequently on hand at Bark Avenue’s parties. Dog guardians receive a permanent photograph keepsake of their pet in various outfits – set against a themed background at each party. The Bark Avenue staff does not miss a detail with elaborate decorations, festive music, and treats for both four-leggers and two-leggers.

“We really want to engage the owners, as well as the dogs,” says Bark Avenue founder and owner Jay Blumberg.  “We want the guardians to be part of the fun too!” And the guardians have just as much fun as their four-legged loved ones.

The smallest and cutest celebrant was a white toy Maltese in a Tinkerbell costume, zipping through the crowd as if she really had wings. Biggest and charismatic celebrant was a white German Shepard in a dragon costume commanding the grounds. At the end of the evening, the owners had mingled, and were happy that their dogs were exhausted and ready for bed.

So watch out Paris Hilton, Brittany Spears, and Lindsay Lohan, you’re not the only stars getting all the fuss and attention, these wonderful creatures are loved by everyone.

The sprawling 9000 square-foot property on Hill Street, just one mile south of Staples Center began serving the greater Los Angeles pet community five years ago. Voted “Best full-service pet care” by the Los Angeles Downtown News, Bark Avenue is dedicated to providing excellent care for every dog, whether it is a day care customer, boarder, grooming customer or a rescue.

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