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Zameer Music - Melodic Chats About "Her"

By Meagan Sargent

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From Bieber to Drake Canada is racking up on the talent. With the likes of Jack Johnson, John Mayer and Ryan Adams comes Zameer, a now Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, and simply a man of many talents!

His sound imitates the lifestyle that we all dream of - carefree, melodic, and relaxing. With each stroke of his guitar, named 'Carlos', I was able to get an intimate setting on just what makes Zameer more than a singer, he's an artist and an exceptional storyteller.

"I like lyrics. Everything for me is word based and is about how the words come together to convey a message," explained Zameer. "(My sound) is adult contemporary and organic. It's all about creating a lullaby and having consistency."

In 2008, Zameer released his debut single ‘Win or Defeat’, which became the theme song to the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games, and his debut album ‘From Under the Bleachers’ found Billboard success with the single ‘Glory of Love’ reaching #73 on the Hot 100 Charts in Canada. 

Zameer broke into the U.S with his single "Take" (which can be heard HERE). His latest album, "Her", due out in 2016 is produced by 13-time Juno winning producer Gavin Brown and mixed by Grammy winner DJ Swivel (best known for working with Beyoncé and Kanye West), is an album that showcases the range and depth of Zameers' talents. Each track focuses on a time of his life in which he overcame an obstacle in his life.
"I wrote, "Her" around 12 years ago and it's still one of my favorites and one of my best works," explained Zameer. "I was in a headspace that was a very melancholy feel and it's a song about my ideal my vision of what a girl should be and also showcases a lot of interesting core progressions."

Zameers' music is sincere and heartfelt and it shines through each and every track. Be sure to stay up to date with the latest updates for the release of "Her". (FacebookTwitterYouTubeSoundCloud )

Published on Feb 03, 2016

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