Xombie with an X


"New York City can be the most unforgiving place in the world if you let it beat you. But if 

you keep playing the game, eventually you'll win big. That's what this album is about."

                                                                vocalist/rapper Adam "Atom" Cruz



And going by Xombie's recent slew of accolades, this would appear to be the stage that he and his 5-piece "hood metal" outfit has reached.

The winning part being:

  • Raised almost $11k on Kickstarter
  • Regional winner of The Break contest
  • East Coast Tour with Bobaflex
  • Midwest Tour with Psychostick

As you can imagine the band themselves are the ones that coined the phrase "hood metal" which is that rap-metal sound that hasn't really be heard of since the mid 90s. However for Xombie, that isn't necessarily a band thing. As a live act their vocals are different from most music out there, the bass booms, the guitars have tight riffs and the drums are impressive. Xombie (the group) consists of Atom Crews (lead vocals), Robert "Fish" Fishkin (lead guitar), Roy Galvan (lead guitar), "Cadillac" Michael Martabano (bass), and Eric Castillo (drums). The band originally formed back in 2010, in the "unforgiving" city of New York. First releasing "Swaggaholix" and now this summer "Capital X." 


Track Listing: 


Rock Bottom 

Miss Behave 

Polar Ice

Rotten Apple

Capital X

Friday (You Might Have Missed It)  



They started in a manner that's rare these days (without a stadium type following) by touring. Supporting the likes of: Dope, Hed PE, Otep, Butcher Babies, Bobaflex and Psychostick. Playing the major festival circuit, including both Bamboozle and CMJ. It was at the 2013 CBGB festival (with Wu-Tang Clan's Cappadonna, Shinobi Ninja, and Apathy in attendance) that they debuted their new music. Around this same time Rob Patierno departed from the band and was replaced by Eric Castillo, their current drummer. "Capital X" is their newest album, supported by first single "Rock Bottom"Starring world-famous backyard brawler and UFC fighter Kimbo Slice and Fuse TV host Juliya Chernetsky, the music video was directed by Oren Sarch (Darren Oronofsky production alumni) the acclaimed editor of both Pi and Requiem for a Dream.













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