Two crews with one mission: Jus Listen


The JUS LISTEN Campaign

Urban Music Entertainment and Top Floor come together to present the Jus Listen EP for 2014.

You're a collective of multi-talented producers, artists, songwriters and engineers- What new projects and features should we be on the lookout for?

The project we’re working on now is the Jus Listen EP. We wanted to make music that feels good and connects with us as artists. We narrowed it down from several songs, which was a process in itself just picking the tracks! Ultimately, we created a vibe where you can just pop it in (the EP) and let it ride through.  It covers all grounds style wise. We have west coast friendly tracks, trap beats, pop crossover records, some party records, big hooks and catchy patterns. There’s a little bit of everything.

When and how did your two crews link up? What areas of Cali are you representing?

Our crews, Urban Music Entertainment and Top Floor, came together through school. RG and Fresco went to Long Beach City College and frequented the local radio shows as guests in the G Building, which was the music and radio broadcasting building. The crew expanded to Long Beach State University and other colleges. Through his brother’s radio show, RG met iB, who produces many of the tracks on the EP.

What motivates you to create?

Our biggest motivation is life itself, including our past and present experiences.  Most people go through the trials of daily life but don’t know how to express it. We help translate that through our music.

Is there a digital audio workstation you prefer to use in the studio? Can you name some of your go-to instruments?

For beats we use the Roland Fantom, MPC, Motif, Ableton, and live instruments. For recording we use mostly Protools and sometimes Ableton. For mixing and mastering we use the SSL board while running Protools. Choko of Fiyah House Music is mixing and mastering the project.

What's the creative process like in a large group?

Normally, there will be five or ten beats to choose from at the beginning of a session. Once at least three of us agree on a beat, we write and record no less than two songs at a time, sometimes three every session. We’ll start with the hook, then decide who fits the verses. We really orchestrate the songs, meaning artists are on the verses and hooks for a reason. We all drink and smoke. We have fun but at the end of the day we’re all working.

Who are some artists or producers that you're inspired by?  Who would you like to work with?

Inspirations and artists we’d like to work with are Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nas, Drake, Lil Wayne, 2Pac, Biggie, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Timbaland.


It's a New Year, what's your focus for 2014?

Our focus is to push forward with the Jus Listen Campaign and our individual artist projects.

Where can we find you online?


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