Tom Budin - Sydney Australia – Age 16

Tom Budin - started out as your average kid. Just like most of you when you were 10. He was interested in sound, design, and sound editing. In 2007, he attained his first copy of Virtual DJ. His life as a Dj and producer began here. He first started making really bad quality sped up Rob Mayth remixes which were horrible, after about a year of trial and error, He then decided he wanted to produce his own music, and not just crappy remixes, so that's what he did.


Tom Budin

In early 2009 he got his first copy of FL Studio. His life as a producer began to take shape. Every minute he was working on mastering his craft , he learned techniques, got tips, and polished up his style until he finished his first remix, 'Bass-Hunter' - Now You're Gone (Thomas Budin Remix)'.


Why can't you see artwork


Tom Budin is a self taught producer that admires Robin Brades (Rob Mayth) and for awhile mirrored his music after him. This was a good move on his part, because it got him the attention that he was looking for as a young producer. So inspired by constructive criticism and agreeable feedback, he decided to master a few more styles like Dubstep and Electro House. Five years later, with hard work and dedication, he released his first single entitled, “Why Can’t You See”.

Single: Why Can’t You See

Release Date: April 26th 2012

Genre: Electro House

Label: Beats 4 Djs Records ( )

For Fans of: AfroJack, Alvaro, Tobie Allen

Email: [email protected]

Store Links:

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1. Tom Budin (Fan Page)  

2. Tom Budin ( Youtube )

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