The Naked And Famous - Music As Intriguing and Original As Their Name

If the name The Naked And Famous does't get your attention then their unique and intriguing music will.  Their name, The Naked And Famous, alone shows the bands originality and carefree personality.


The Naked And Famous formed in 2008 when Thom Powers and Alisa Xayalith recorded EPs "This Machine" and "No Light" with engineer Aaron Short.  The band took their name from a line in the English artist Tricky's song "Tricky Kid", "everybody wants to be naked and famous", that is ambivalent about the notion of celebrity.  The Naked And Famous consists of band members Alisa Xayalith, Thom Powers, Aaron Short, David Beadle, and Jesse WoodThey released their debut studio album, "Passive Me, Aggressive You", in September 2010.   "Passive Me, Aggressive" You was released on their own label, Somewhat Damaged and was produced by Powers and Short and mixed by Billy Bush.  Their sophomore album, "In Rolling Waves", was released in September 2013.  

The Naked And Famous hit the road to joined Imagine Dragons on their Into The Night Tour.  They made waves at Mohegan Sun and Boston's Xfinity Center.  Once The Naked And Famous took the stage the audience's eyes were hooked on the stage.  Xayalith and Powers voices are unsurpassed and they own the stage.  Xayalith voice is unrivaled and exceptional in every way.  Her incredible stage presence is undeniable and she interacts with cheering fans throughout the show.  Rock is at it's finest when Powers plays the guitar.  He commands the guitar and plays with vigor and passion.  Powers voice is as extraordinary and intense as Xayalith.  When paired together they create magnificent rock music that's out of this world.  Performing songs "Hearts Like Ours", "A Stillness", and "Young Blood"; The Naked And Famous had fans screaming with enjoyment.  This New Zealand band is a must see.  The Naked And Famous will open your eyes to a whole new magnificent world of music. 

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"Hearts Like Ours": album 'In Rolling Waves'


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