Ten Songs to Play before the Party Gets Wild

Here’s the scenario. You got a cocktail party and it’s the lounge part of the party before the wild people show up. The DJ sets up his rig and it's up to your playlist to keep the people there. Who’s there? Some TV Producers, some women that used to be models but now they work for some upscale make up company. You got the financial old white men from the Banks. You got the scientist who are doing research on a big project that God doesn’t know about. You brought the liquor store to your party. You have light snacks. Appetzisers like Celry sticks with pieces of tofu and sprinkled on top. Cheese, quiche, and cold cuts. The music starts to play and here’s that play list.


Howard Roberts Version of Girl Talk

10. Girl Talk by Howard Roberts.

A Bobby Troupe/Neal Hefty song with lyrics like “they love to chat about their dresses they will wear tonight”

Howard Roberts makes this a gem to keep around for a party or to play when your girlfriend is acting bitchy.


Bob James Angela (Theme from Taxi)


9. Angela (theme from Taxi) by Bob James

This TV theme show song is a delight and it’s subtle and still touches you without pushing you away. It's a taxi ride to the party so sit back and enjoy it.

Chet Atkins version of Mr Sandmand

8. Mr. Sandman by Chet Atkins

Always been a fan of the Mr Sandman song by the Chordettes but what if a guitar master like Chet Atkins plays it.

Blossom Dearies I won't dance

7. I won’t dance by Blossom Dearie

Because you want people to talk but maybe not dance. This is the anti dance song that you can play at a party. Blossoms voice is a girly charm.


Mills Brothers Cab Driver

6. Cab Driver by the Mills Brothers

My mother loves this song and I remember her playing it around the house. I figure it’s nice to have a quartet singing a song like this and put it on a playlist for a party.


Dionne Warwicks De ja Vu

5. Deja Vu by Dionne Warwick

This dreamy Barry Manillow song is eligible for this party and Dionne Warwicks smoky voice can comfort the party.


Diana Krall S'wonderful

4. S’wonderful by Dianna Krall

This Gershwin classic is classy for socialites and can relax the aristocrats.


Nouvelle Vagues cover of XTC's Making Plans for Nigel

3. Making Plans for Nigel by Nouvelle Vague

This cover of XTC’s Making plans for nigel by Nouvelle Vague has a bossa nova feel. When the party needs a pensive touch before it gets wild.


Royksopps Remind me

2. Remind me by Royksopp

Electronic lounge sound. I’d put this in towards the end of your playlist when people are tipsy and the freaks are starting to come out of their well dressed farce.


1. The Chase from the Midnight Express soundtrack

by Girgio Moroder


Gorgio Moroders Chase from the movie Midnigh Express


People are getting louder. Old people start to leave and enter the young loud people. The dj’s rig is set and the dj went to get a something to eat. Play this as your end to your loungy soundscape. Turn it up too. Gorgio Moroders Chase is a great baton passer to the dj to see what will he play after this.

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