Sarah Lonsert - Singer/Songwriter/Public-Speaker

Sarah Lonsert, singer/songwriter/public-speaker is an active member of Autism Aids Organization. She has been asked to be a spokes person due to her diagnosis of High Functioning Autism when she was 9. Emersed in Music Therapy at an early age, Sarah learned to communicate in an appropriate manner. Through many social struggles throughout grade school and junior high, Sarah choose to be home-schooled. Through this freedom she was able to explore who she was as a person. 

Sarah Lonsert

On a break from school work she watched Dr. Phil who happened to have 80's Pop Star Debbie Gibson on his show. Debbie was talking about her up coming auditions for her camp Electric Youth in Hollywood. Turning to her mother, Sarah announced that she wanted to audition and attend the camp. Sarah had only been in a few plays at this point. She had never been left alone in new situations or places. Her Mom told her she could, knowing full well Sarah would not leave the sanctity of her room. She auditioned and received a full scholarship to the camp! Debbie tapped into Sarah's love of musicals and they wrote 2 songs together.  The rest is history in the making.


Fast forward a few years and Sarah has won many awards for her songs that are on her 2 Cd's. With a degree in Voice she continues to perform in Musicals as well as Charity Events. Mr. Steven Yamin tapped her to perform for the C5LA Gala as well as the USC 5 K Run. Turns out that Steven knows Debbie Gibson and he talked with her about Sarah. A year later the founder of, Timothy Welsh was working with Debbie on a commercial for his foundation and she told him about Sarah. She is now working with the organization as a spokes person.



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