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Wednesday night, 10pm at Sur Lounge for Untapped Fashion & Music (Jordana Hazan); Sam Sarpong is, yet again, the epitome of celebritism. Taking it with a gargantuan grain of gratitude, the nonstop camera flashing, girl bubbling, and name recognition is ten years in the making for actor/rapper/model “Future.” Barely phasing the industry veteran as surreal to show up in comp’d 2013 Limited Edition Supercharged Range Rover with photo ops lasting five solid hours; pursuing the path of becoming an international celebrity has become his life. Dropping his single “Boy London” October 12, 2012 off debut solo album “Muzik of tha FutureSarpong is now looking to strike out a triple platinum of his own from that bucket list that slashes a ‘done’ at achievements most of us rarely take the time to dream of.

Coors Light follows Sarpong throughout his overseas tour

It takes a character to become a legend


Growing up in London inhaling hip hop from the likes of American artists like LL Cool J and eating lyrics for breakfast, “Music is where I come from. I was performing in talent shows in junior high, writing lyrics as a kid…” states Sam “Future” Sarpong. His methodology is a steamroll against the grind - because success is a bitch that never stops biting. Frequently dropping into the studio to lay down three tracks– the equivalent of Tupac Shakur’s tactile method that led to a myth along the lines of Elvis “just going home” – the systematic approach is to stack it against the competition in momentum alone, frequenting 21 hour work days.  He starts early, ends late and puts that track on repeat.

Striding for similar success in the U.S. as overseas, where The League - a decade long collaboration with Mike Kasem, son of [famous] DJ Casey Kasem  and Keyvous has sold triple platinum [in Asia]; Sarpong has a solid history of selling out of stadiums and hawking lyrics to the scratching of 70,000 plus screaming fans. Given the trend of electro pulsating its way throughout the entire music community, progressing from underground scenes in the 90s to fledging hits from the twisted disk jockeying contortions of artists conquering the genre in the likes of LMFAO and Far East Movement, Future’s background basementing the sound of Great Britain (originator of drum and bass) has made him a long time known to be coming to in the land of silk and money.

Known as record label ridden LA, most sidewalk prop themselves to make it when it comes to mastering a demographic known as the forbidden fruit of the music enterprise. Sarpong? “I’ve never tried to make it here. I’ve been busy doing modeling and hosting and acting. I’ve been content doing music overseas and hosting here. But now its like, I listen to the kind of music that is on the radio and I’m like, “Yo, America needs me….With my music I’m trying to do what I do, you know?” Easily said, yet harder won for a rapper whose competition remains pitted against the best in the business. Fortunately, Future has gathered a team that believes in his vision with the expertise to push him there. Executive producer Keyvous of The League sat down with Future to formulate Muzik of tha Future’s concept along with J Plot. Producers Deany Boy and Brit Boy based in London are drilling in the UK sound for Future’s single “Boy London” while Young Nice (Tyga, The Game)  did cuts on soon to be hits "Loose My Mind" and "Fire.Nelly (RedZone Entertainment owned by Tricky Stewart) shifts it next level on "Fly" for that flavor called guaranteed record sales in LA. As far as collaborative tracks are concerned, “It’s just about who gets me as an artist, who feels me creativity.” Actress/Singer Drew Sidora (Step Up) highlights a track "The Future is Now" while Inessa Alex features her vocals on “Fly” and Future collaborates with Floetry on "Look Into Your Eye."Despite the corporate thriving of what Future himself labels commercial music (Top 40), the album is a herald to truth utilizing both lyrics and technique; keeping it in line with the vision of Future Stars Entertainment through guest listed Amber Tamblyn's spoken word piece.

Inessa Alex and Sam Future Sarpong - life is a photo op

“Yeah we show you the glimmer; we show you the girls, but that’s normal. You get to see who is Sam Sarpong - the real version;" Pictured with Kayla Nicloe (finalist for Miss California)

“I really have my whole freaking life documented. Been filming this show for ten years. When I started this thing, I wanted to make history,” says Sarpong of his other ten year timelined project - bio-documentary Life of an Entertainer, “Its freaking real…Some people they sugar coat it, but I am so confident of who I am and where I am going, I have no problem showing it.” Soundtracking his own ladder climb, dream reaching reality, Sarpong is it. The voice, the image, the producer of a movement in self that deflects from the revered days of deserving it.  From his dreams of superstardom to the times when he got it heavy handed from a dying flame called fame, Sarpong proves he has what it takes to make the fire thirst.

Yet in a forbidden bit, lonely industry; Sam Sarpong stands alone in a crowd of his own making. “Famous doesn’t uphold throughout years; music is the pinnacle that transcends [celebrity] boundaries,” states Future who kicks off his album tour at R & B Live on September 26, 2012, tracing his path to Hard Rock in Los Angeles for a set on October, 4, 2012. Treading the laced track for the next six months getting his sound out, the inaugural party breaks it all open on October 13. 2012 at Rolling Stone for his single release “Boy London.” Catch him touring or catch him on iTunes; just catch Sam “Tha Future” Sarpong breaking it badly big in music.


Clothes provide by Boy London and Bow & Arrow; Jewelry by; Shoes by Radaii. Range Rover from Thousands Oaks Range Rover.

Photography courtesy of Coors Light, Shooting Stars, Curtis Sabir and Adrian Photography.


For more information and social contact, please visit:

Youtube: Ftrstrs

Twitter: @mrsamsarpong

Facebook: Sam Sarpong

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