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S.i.N - Marking Territory from Puerto Rico to L.A

By Marilinda Rivera

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Sometimes I can't really explain in words how exciting it is to meet latin souls in Los Angeles, especially this one from Puerto Rico. I was born in Dominican Republic and raised in Puerto Rico; I can sense from a distance warriors like myself looking to live the dreams of our lives, to inspire those who need a way out to freedom. I met S.i.N through my talented friend Iliona Blanc, and since then I was very much attracted to his creative explosive mind.

Let's get nosey about who S.i.N is...


Marilinda- Where are you from and how you end up in Los Angeles?

S.i.N- I was born in Humacao, Puerto Rico. I ended up in L.A May 5, 2012, I was in Miami filming a television pilot and the opportunity to move came in when an agent told me that If i move to L.A right after productions wrapped I will already have representation. So it was either that or going back home to Puerto Rico, so I immediately called a friend and asked him if he knew someone in L.A that I could stayed with he said that he will call me back in a few and so he did. He asked some of his friends and they said yes,  so on May 5 of 2012 I moved to L.A wanting to pursue a music career as my main goal and I stayed at a stranger’s house for like a month.


Do you remember that time when you realized “I want to be a performer”? Tell us...

Of course I remember the moment I knew that I wanted to be a performer. I was around seven years old the first time I ever performed in front of a life crowd. And from that moment on I never looked back I knew that I wanted to perform and it happened pretty quick. I told my mom I wanted to dance and I started doing talent shows, training, imitating Luis Fonsi soon after I booked my first tv commercial. I have been blessed to have the chance to work in the industry since that young age but to still be as passionate and hungrier than ever that's how I know I am meant to perform.

What were the regular jobs you used to have when you started pursuing your dreams as an artist?

In Puerto Rico I never had regular job. My job was to dance, tv commercials, background dancing for major Latin stars and when I was eighteen, I booked a main role on a television show by Telemundo and NBC Puerto Rico. But when I moved to L.A in 2012 I knew I had to find a "regular job" in order for me to pursue this career here. The key for it was to put that ego aside and find a regular job, which I did with no problem. And so I worked on Rodeo Drive and later worked in a restaurant in West Hollywood, which  helped me pay for rent, making it possible for me to stay here and pursue this new adventure.

What you like the most about your past before becoming S.i.N?

What I like the most about my past before becoming S.i.N has to be the experiences  and knowledge I gained about the industry. To be there and study every angle of it. To slowly process the information and develop a work ethic and professionalism. I was kinda of an observer, never said to much but I kept all the information of what I saw and heard in my head always knowing that I will have to use it for my future. Not only the creative part but also the business side of it.

Why S.i.N? Where this name came from?

It resumes in one world who I am on stage. SiN doesn't have anything to do with religious believes. I wanted something short that people would remember, but most importantly to go hand in hand with my performance, concept, vision and music. Is my own rebellion, against expectations or submission to let others dictate who and how I should be, what to sing about, or how to move on stage based on their judgments and fears of any desire they once had but never indulged. SiN that’s my artistry and belongs to me, is who I am. And so it happens that pushes people buttons and I’m sure will make some uncomfortable but oh well Ce' la vie (that’s life), is definitely an extension of my music, my stage persona and in real life. I perform for the ones who recognize the difference between just being alive and living, to the open minded and for everyone that goes after anything and make things happen. To those who know or are on the road to know themselves completely, to the unafraid, for those who stand and society can't intimidate. For those who know that individuality is what sets you apart. To those, for choosing being the leader other than a simple follower.  

How did you assemble your band? Your shows? Your music? Your style?

Well the band was put together with the help of my dear friend, more like a sister Francesca Ramirez, former lead singer of the Pussy Cat Dolls Burlesque revue. Francesca told me she knew some sick guys that would be awesome for the type of show I wanted to create, and so she helped me getting them into our first rehearsals. 

The show was pretty easy because I knew I wanted something strong, electrifying, sexy, and needed to come across professional and very well put together. So in the process of rehearsals I guided them into what I wanted, either more guitars or drums to make it more exciting. I put myself in the position of an audience and I ask myself "What do I wanna see? What would make me excited to get up and dance? "What are people not doing now days?"... And having the concept of who I am as an artist so clear, it helps everyone, cuz if I know who I am and what kinda of show I want, I can guide the band members to execute the vision of what SiN is. Also helps BIG time the fact they are amazing professional musicians. Is a collaboration and I need to deliver, I have to guide them and together build the perfect show. I have to know my concept, the vision of what I want in order to come across. 

My style is mainly a fusion of Pop & Rock & Roll, and sometimes you can hear influences of Hip-Hop and Dance music. I like to call it a "Hybergenre". The music is something that comes organically as I write the songs, I can hear in my head the beat and so lyrics and melody comes all in one. Most of the songs I have written start as an improvisation (sounds crazy), but that’s how it is for me. When working with the producers, I tell them what I see and hear, I give them creative freedom, so then they build the track and put something together for me to hear. With me is very simple, when the producer shows me the track, if the track doesn’t make me close my eyes and gives me that need to get up and dance or if I don’t picture myself performing it live I know I have to make some changes to it or guide the producer by making suggestions to bring my ideas alive. To me is very important for the music to be authentic as a representation of myself, therefore I have to be satisfied and genuinely in love with it to perform in front of a crowd.

As far as my music goes (lyrics), I sing and celebrate what it is to be young and the  REALITY of it all. I sing the truth, about the things I know and experienced, about being in contact with my curiosities, desires, about indulging in temptations, sex, drugs, fun... The good the bad is all part of my journey, Is all Me. In order to impact as an artist and reach souls they have to feel and see that the message is clear and real. My live and on studio songs are full of energy, passion and sensuality. I like to play with the dark side and wanting to seduce the mind of the audience all the elements to feel free and let go, dance, do whatever they want... I give the real me by sharing my life through my song lyrics. 


If you had the chance to do a duet with a high profile artist, who would it be, why and where to perform?

If I were to be given the chance to Sing a duet with a major profile artist, that would have to be Elvis Presley. Why? Because he had that electrifying way to make people go crazy and to make them forget about everything else. As an entertainer would have been a dream come true to share stage with an icon of his caliber and to feel in my flesh the exchange of energy between him and I in front of an audience. Can you imagine that rush, the hysteria and feel that adrenaline? I even get goose bumps thinking about it.  

As you already know, we Latinos have a bigger heart when it comes to our dreams... What made you want this life so much to fight for it?

As a latino, I believe it’s in our blood to be very passionate about everything especially towards the things we want the most. In my case probably is the case of many, to be or wanting to be an entertainer in the Latin community and be seen as an impossible dream or something that only happens if you are "lucky", so it should never be taken as a main career goal, it should be seen more of a hobby. But I have always been one to never listen or take Ideas of what I should be from others. I had the opportunity to work in the latin entertainment industry since the age of seven professionally, being that my source of income. By the time I was fourteen there was no other option, no second career for the "just in case". I knew that being a latino had nothing to do with either making it or not. Like any other career I had, I knew very clear if I were to concur I had to work very hard. What made me work so hard for me to want this, was and still is the fact of knowing from a very young age that feeling I get when on stage and knowing that this was something I knew how to do and nothing gave me that sense of comfort and that to entertain was the only thing I gave my 100% of me and when working never felt like so. What made me want this life was the feeling of happiness and the sense of freedom I gained when I took a risk because I believe THIS WAS AND is my calling, my purpose. Knowing this about myself made it so easy to go all in, leave home to come to L.A and pursue until the end. I always known about myself and what I want my future to be.


I’m sure the reason why you look so fearless on stage is related with knowing how much your talent’s worth. How did you obtained such confidence through this tough journey as an artist? 

The confidence comes from the years of performing and knowing about this business. But as far as SiN is knowing myself. The fact I took my time to create a concept, knowing what I wanted to say, to whom I was saying it to. To have a very clear vision of what kind of artist I wanted to be. To sing about things I know and believe. The confidence comes from a place of honesty. Where I’m not pretending to do or say or act like anything but myself. That’s where my confidence level comes from.

Is there any type of ritual you do before going on stage?

The only ritual I have is more of a rule, which is everybody should leave me ALONE before going on stageHaha...

Tell us about your new EP...

My debut EP It’s called Dance Affair, including 5 songs. One of them being Rock.Star.Status which we released last October in Puerto Rico and position it self #2 on Hot 102 FM as one of the top hottest songs of the week’s list. And some other sexy, hot very sensual tracks I wrote and were produce by Magronic, who collaborated previously with Diddy, Dr.Dre, Foo Fighters and One Republic. Other songs were by producer Jadeau. The EP is Named after what will be my first american single "Dance Affair" . The song is very sexual, talks about that tension between two people and the desire of having that person while playing that game between desires and temptations alluring the mind to give in and explore.  

Where the inspiration came from when developing your EP?

Yes, Dance Affair will have a music video, one I’m so very excited about and ready for everyone to see. Shot & directed by my creative director Jose Omar Hernandez, who also did my Rock.Star.Status music video and worked sharing the stage as a dancer for Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue and Jennifer Lopez, just mention a few. We shot the video at at the historic Hollywood Athletic Club on Sunset Blvd, and features the most in demand & amazing dancers in the industry such as Cat Rendic, who danced with Beyonce, Britney Spears and Nicki MinajReina Hidalgo for Pink, Rihanna and Kylie MinogueKarina Ortiz forWisin y Yandel, Monica Lopez for Luis Fonsi and the American Music Awards and Contanza Arzua. This music video was choreographed by my official choreographers Edmar Benitez, choreographing for Daddy YankeeKendrick Martinez, both from Puerto Rico recently moved to L.A. The Dance Affair music video has such an amazing concept and storyline that will bring the concept to life not only the song but SiN in general. 


The concept of the video...

Well it takes place in this exclusive underground world. One thing we believe is that, those who follow are not meant to lead. We chose to lead. We understand that individuality is what set us apart. We never claimed to be saints, who wants to be one anyway? Not looking for approvals, we will always get our way, if you are a follower, to me you got nothing to say. Of fear you are a slave, we are sinners and freedom is our highway, yours and mine ain’t the same don’t expect you to understand, but please get out of my way... As SiNners we represent the reality of the human condition and it’s capabilities, putting in use our own and personal free will To do or Not to do? To get answers or keep questioning? To know who I am or wonder? To be myself or be told who I should be? To play or be played? Every sinner knows the answer. They can’t control us. Freedom is Power. 

I get HAPPINESS when I see people dancing to my tunes.

The best love I know is the one that I find in ONESELF-MYSELF.

I usually wear ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when I feel inspired to dance. 

DEDICATE A SONG, such a romantic gesture.

PERFORM & CREATE, is what I live for.













Published on Feb 13, 2015

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