Rocket & The Ghost - A Musical Force To Be Reckoned With

Rocket & The Ghost hit the stage at Boston's Cafe 939.  Rocket & The Ghost's powerful perfomance made it clear why this Brooklyn based band is a New York favorite and have a loyal fanbase.  Rocket & The Ghost is an extraordinary talent and they're gaining recognition for their soulful sound, timeless music, and electrifying perfomances.  Their music is rare, prodigious, and unsurpassed.  Rocket & The Ghost consists of band member Kiyoshi Matsuyama, Brian Kesley, Stuart Bidwell, Sean Gavigan, and Alan Markley.  When Rocket & The Ghost take the stage their chemistry is undeniable. 

This was clear when they played Boston's Cafe 939 this April.  Rocket & The Ghost took the stage and the crowds eyes were locked on Matsuyama as he performed along side his bandmates.  Matsuyama's vocals are unique, he dominates the guitar, and his stage presence is unrivaled.  His charisma and stamina on stage is intoxicating.  Matsuyama, Kesley, Bidwell, Gavigan, and Markley are a perfect mix; they feed off each others energy and perform flawlessly together.  Gavigan commands his guitar, Kesley's bass playing is impeccable, Markley played the keyboard magnificently, and Bidwell crushed the drums.  Rocket & The Ghost is a must see.  Their debut self-titled EP includes five songs that are the perfect introduction to Rocket & The Ghost.  "Rocket & The Ghost" EP is a glimpse of the great things to come from this electrifying band.  It's clear Rocket & The Ghost is a force to be reckoned with.  

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Two Truths & A Lie... Rocket & The Ghost perform "Goodbye"

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