Revolucion Rokkera - The Raise of a Latin Woodstock


Nine years ago while in college promoter Abraham Ramirez produced his first Rock en Español concert. He enjoyed watching people from all walks of life feel the euphoria they got from becoming one with their favorite bands. For many, those special moments will last them a lifetime. He promised himself that one day he will create a Latin Woodstock, inviting all the great Rock en Español bands to play in one venue. He even knew the name and slogan: Revolucion Rokkera, Grito de Independencia Rockera. To this day the concept has never left him. From this simple dream he delivered the idea of a new destination. An experience where people will enjoy the best Rock en Español bands have to offer as well as great food and art.


Revolucion Rokkera was created to be enjoyed by the masses. Despite the economic climate, this event will be within people's means. The vision for this festival is to take Revolucion Rokkera on the road to the great arenas of the world. To create positive social change wherever it goes.

Revolucion Rokkera is not just a great rock concert. It was designed to be a community event and giving back to the community is as important as the event. This particular aspect is very important to promoter Abraham Ramirez and all the staff of Revolucion Rokkera. The intention is to help the after school music program Youth Orchestra Salinas. Therefore, proceeds generated by the event will go directly to Youth Orchestra Salinas and through various sponsors the event may donate equipment as well. Salinas is a blue collar town and after school sports are not enough. Children need more alternatives. The statistics of Monterey County are staggering - it has the highest homicide rate between the ages of 15-24 per capita in the entire state of California.  Salinas can't afford to hire more law enforcement. Music has been shown to help children develop their social, math, reading and composition skills. As part of the business community we must take the initiative and contribute by providing effective programs. These programs will yield our future work staff and leaders of the community. For promoter Abraham Ramirez, the artists and staff, it is not all about dollars and cents. Revolucion Rokkera is about creating positive memories that will last forever. Memories that will inspire everyone to want to strive for a better future in Salinas. We are all invited to help the Youth Orchestra of Salinas (YOSAL) grow and realize its potential for transforming the lives of children and families living in difficult financial circumstances. 350,000 children in Venezuela have gone through El Sistema, a model for orchestra and community building on which YOSAL is based.

El Sistema USA is a support and advocacy network for people and organizations inspired by Venezuela’s monumental music education program. It will grow to provide comprehensive information on the El Sistema philosophy and methodology, and host a variety of resources that will aid those building, expanding and supporting El Sistema programs in the US and beyond. Kids travel after-school by bus to the Steinbeck Arts Center in Salinas, 5 days a week, where they have instruction in singing & various instruments, music theory, music history, help with homework, and a nutritious snack. The impact on the children lucky enough to go to YOSAL has been enormous - increases in self-esteem, better grades, and joy in music and teamwork. Donations of time (as tutors or music teachers), money, instruments, and snacks are critical to a strong program. The rewards of this ministry are so abundant - whether it is connection with kids who are discovering the joy of music or participation in a program that is changing the world one child at a time.

The first Revolucion Rokkera Festival will take place at the Salinas Sports Complex in Salinas, CA. Salinas is located in the Central Coast of California, and is 50 miles south of San Jose, and 100 miles south of San Francisco and Oakland. Salinas is a blue collar town that is dominated by agriculture. It is just inland from the Monterey Bay peninsula, one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. The Salinas Sports Complex is home to the Salinas Rodeo, one of the biggest Rodeo's in the world. The capacity of the rodeo is 17,000 seated and 8,000 standing.

The line-up includes four of the hottest bands in Spanish rock: Dopamina, El Tri. Fobia, and Molotov.



Multi Grammy- winning artist Cesar "El Vampiro" Lopez is one of the best known and most influential rock guitarists of our time. Currently, he is the lead guitarist for the Mexican band Jaguares and is a former member of other major bands in Latin America including Mana and Azul Violeta. Vampiro joins forces with Victor Monroy, lead singer and composer from Pastilla, considered a pioneer in the alternative movement in Los Angeles to form Dopamina, his highly anticipated first solo project. The collaboration comes to life after several years of working with original, unreleased material. Dopamina is about to record their debut album with 11 time Grammy-winner producer Rafa Sardina, (Maoy Gray, Mariah Carey, Luis Miguel, Juan Gabriel, Stevie Wonder, Alejandro Sanz, and Sheryl Crow) among many others.


El Tri

Trailblazing rock super stars El Tri are considered one of the founding fathers of Rock en Español.  Since 1968, they have paved the way for the success of internationally fame mega bands like Caifanes and Mana. Their persistence in bringing Rock & Roll music to Mexico has paid off by creating legions of fans all over the world. El Tri is considered by music critics to be the Mexican version of The Ramones in terms of their influence in modern music.



Fobia evolved from the Rock en Español scene in Mexico during the late 80's and early 90's.  During this time bands such as Mana, Cafe Tacvba and Caifanes were leading a music revolution out of Mexico City. Their first song "El Microbito" was subject to censorship due to its explicit lyrics.  However, this helped promote the band even further, which soon made the song a smash-hit. Fobia has collaborated with iconic figures from the likes of Saul Hernandez (Jaguares/Caifanes) and Alejandra Guzman.



Multi-Grammy award winning artists Molotov are considered one of the most original acts in the Rock en Español scene.


Just to see one of these single bands could cost $100 each, but Abraham Ramirez is determined to get his message across: "It's cheap" he says, "simply because I want people to come".


Follow these links for the latest updates on this great music fest:!/RevRokkera



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