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Remondini Releases Debut - Non Sequitur

By Falene Nurse

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Andrea Remondini is preparing for his debut album Non Sequitur release, this Thursday, May 29th. The Verona born Remondini has been experimenting with electronic music since he was only twelve years old. Influenced by the classical fused synth-pop sounds of his childhood, "the most important sources of inspiration for my musicianship in general, would be the early works of Mike Oldfield and Jean-Michel Jarre. Although my sound is different, their instrumental albums showed me the path and provided a standard of excellence."


Excellence in music is something that has definitely come very naturally to Remondini. After teaching himself how to play the piano by age twenty-two, he began working as a staff songwriter, studio musician and sound engineer at an indie dance label in Italy. Collaborating behind the scenes with European DJs and artists like Mauro Picotto and Jimmy Somerville, scoring many dance anthems and European chart hits during the 90s.

A little trip down nostalgia lane and some of the classic dance tracks Remondini has been involved with over the years. 


"Ocean Whispers" dance single "Ocean Whispers" (in cooperation with DJ Mauro Picotto), #3 in the Italian chart


"Greece 2000", #12 in the UK chart


DJ Più's "Communication (Somebody Answer the Phone)" reaches top 5 in the UK chart (co-author, musician, sound engineer)


"I Feel Love" performed by CRW,  #15 in the UK singles charts (co-author, musician, sound engineer)


DJ Picotto's dance single "Komodo" awarded gold in Germany,  #11 in the UK charts (co-author, musician, sound engineer)


"Home Again", co-written with Jimmy Somerville and Mauro Picotto, becomes the new Somerville album's title track (co-author, musician, sound engineer)

A path that proved incredibly lucrative, but again Remondini yearned to learn something new and try something different. So he set up his own recording studio and embarked on a solitary journey, following his true inspiration. This is what led to his debut full-length CD Non Sequitur.


His sound is unique and a change from most electronic music out there now. As it lends to to soundscapes made familiar by the likes of Tangerine Dream and Jarre's early 80s soundtracks and 90s spectaculars. "Sound design is one of the activities I enjoy the most, and that often sparks melodic ideas. Things that mostly take place in the unconscious mind, I think," explains Remondini

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Published on May 27, 2014

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