Rafael Moriera Review - Discovering The Voice

In the advent of today's changing music industry, artists now more than ever, are compelled to stretch the boundaries of their creativity in order to remain current, productive and relevant. High on the list is the independent artist, whom without support from a major record label, must often wear multiple hats ranging from songwriter to producer and all that is in between. Maintaining one's pride and integrity in avoiding the bittersweet taste of an unappealing dangling carrot which pays the days bills is even more challenging. However, every so often a true artist rises to the occasion in lieu of adversity in order to fulfill a passion and commitment to their craft.

Brazil-born Rafael Moreira is no foreigner to the eccentricities of the business as his 30-year tenure has been adorned with many extraordinary experiences, rubbing elbows with some of music’s greats. An explosive guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, his beliefs and strong will have guided him to discovering the ‘voice’ inside himself as well as in others.

Globally recognized as lead guitarist/vocalist for the CBS television reality series Rock Star: INXS, Rock Star: Supernova and Rock The Cradle, Rafael has graced many world stages on countless international tours. He has performed to rave reviews alongside numerous musical icons including Pink, Christina Aguilera, Paul Stanley (KISS), Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Don Felder (The Eagles) Marc Anthony, Natasha Bedingfield and Colbie Caillat. Winner of the distinguished GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology) Master Guitar Competition, his many accomplishments also propelled him to the cover of Guitar Player Magazine online as well as on countless television broadcasts including American Idol, The American Music Awards, Saturday Night Live, and The Tonight Show to list only a few.

With success from his signature fusion rock album “Acid Guitar” in 2005 and his more edgy “Songs About The World” in 2009 with the power trio Magnetico, Rafael now adds ‘producer’ to the list in his notable resumé. Working from his own Music Magnet Studios, his current projects include capturing a more organic sound from selected local artists Keyrey and Chris Van Duyn. Moreira has also worked closely with rising stars Ty Taylor (Rockstar/Vintage Trouble), Johnny Rossa (Puddle Of Mud/Lexington Queen), Lara Karuna, Jordis Unga (Rockstar) and Scilla Siekman (Eurovision Top 10 Finalist).

Having never been affiliated with a recognized label, Rafael asserts, “I am not a fan of labels. They scare me in terms that they have the ability to control and shape a sound that an artist may not be comfortable with”. He truly nurtures the creative process and opts for ‘collaboration’ over ‘suffocation’ while working with artists who have a ‘voice’. Uncertain with the relevance of full-length albums in today’s market, Rafael argues that creating and distributing singles is a more effective approach to reaching the masses. However, despite a finicky industry he is currently at work completing not only a follow-up to “Songs About The World”, but also a folk album incorporating the flare of his Brazilian roots. Bug Music, a publishing and distribution company whose clients have included Johnny Cash, Stevie Ray Vaughan and The Guess Who, have eagerly added Moreira to their list for both of these upcoming releases.

Infinitely talented with a ferocious work ethic, Rafael Moreira is uncompromising in fulfilling his desire to live and work through music as he embarks on his first Brazilian tour on September 19. Comprised of acoustic and rock performances alongside musical workshops and various media appearances, fans are eagerly awaiting the return to his native soil.  Both grounded and focused, his boundaries are limitless. Regarding his current ambitions and direction, Rafael accepts that things change every day and expresses how he builds his career ‘on the moment’. When asked to define his ultimate goal in music he passionately states, “It is to inspire. There is nothing more gratifying than having people discover my music”.

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