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PoleCat Percussion Systems in Review - Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum

By Randy Falsetta

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Be it a full house of cheering fans or an evening somewhere short of entertaining a weary bar staff, most working musicians can identify with the often tedious undertaking of assembling and disassembling their own personal equipment. After the show, who can forget the lead singer quietly escaping out the side-stage door with only their microphone in tow, while the group’s drummer agonizes repeatedly over how to fit his toms and hardware back into his minivan. We’ve all seen it before.


Now, with the development of PoleCat Percussion Systems, drummers may soon be marching to the beat of a very different drum. Focusing on four fundamental concerns including weight, set-up and tear-down time, consistency in set-up and managing space, the concept is innovative and well-crafted.  


Less weight, less clutter, more drums to see



First, addressing the issue of weight, which is typically a grievance of most drummers, is PoleCat’s concept to eliminate those unnecessary pieces of hardware which contribute to the mass of the overall kit. By removing the legs and using only the stand from each cymbal, tom and snare, the weight of the hardware is dramatically reduced by 50%. These are exchanged with durable, circular modules which hold all hardware securely in place on a platform. Created from a strong, yet lightweight compound, these modules have been tested to function at high performance levels while maintaining functionality.


Remove tripod legs and gain more playing area with room for more gear


The issue of set-up and tear-down time is primarily caused by the opening, closing and positioning of awkward hardware stands. PoleCat’s solution to this is to secure each module permanently to the platform. As a result, this allows for the speed and consistency of placing each stand in its desired location at every performance. The time-consuming need for remembering positions for hardware is now eliminated.


Faster set-up with easy-to-assemble platform which packs in one bag


For drummers, consistency is key to performance. Being such a physical instrument, having your kit positioned just the way you like it and depending on it night after night, eliminates the stress of constant adjustments during sound checks and rehearsals.


Light weight and strong enough to hold a 16" floor tom steady


Lastly, PoleCat Percussion Systems allows for a much more effective use of space. The lack of cumbersome tripod bases makes for tremendous flexibility and creativity in the desired positioning of not only snare, toms and cymbals but auxiliary percussion as well. Ergonomics turns complexity into compatibility.


Solid placement of your snare without the clutter around it


With the use of wing bolts, each PoleCat module compresses a flexible protective sleeve to a 1”, 1.25” and 1.5” hardware base tubes. Oh, and by the way, stepping aside from mechanical attributes, this thing looks cool and makes any drum kit appear more professional.


The flexible sleeve allows a snug fit around your stand without damage


PoleCat Percussion Systems is a Canadian company based out of Windsor, Ontario, which is just a stone’s throw across the river from the great Motown city of Detroit, Michigan. This makes for ease of access to equipment anywhere in North America. Current endorsers include heavy-hitters John Favicchia (clinician author, drummer – Eddie Money, Charlie Daniels), Karl Sloman (clinician, author, drummer) and Shawn Sasyniuk (drummer – Roch Voisine). So as it ‘stands’ this company is already in ‘very good company’!


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Published on Oct 07, 2014

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