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Player The Band Gets Their Baby Back on Track

By Devin Devasquez

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Player The Band has gone through a lot of incarnations over the past 40 years. Known primarily for their smash #1 hit "Baby Come Back," Player was an actively touring band in the late 70s opening for Eric Clapton, Heart and Boz Scaggs. They had the boyish good looks, great harmonies and were all expert musicians. You couldn't fake it back then like so many artists can do today in the studio. Most musicians auditioned for record companies live and in person to procur a record deal. Player auditioned for famed music mogul, Clive Davis who said he didn't hear a hit with Baby Come Back, but was signed by mega music manager, Robert Stigwood to his RSO label. Stigwood was the manager and producer behind The Bee Gees and "Saturday Night Fever" and the smash success of the film "Grease."


Peter Beckett who was a UK Native met Texan JC Crowley at a Hollywood party and together wrote the iconic, "Baby Come Back," inspired when Beckett's wife left him while he was on tour with "Skye Band." The two were quickly introduced to Hollywood natives Ronn Moss and his high school friend, John Freison and they formed Player. Although, their number one hit, "Baby Come Back" was the first track from their first album to become a hit, the band had other top 40 hits such as, "This Time I'm In It For Love" which was a top 10 hit followed by, "Prisoner of Your Love" and "It's For You." Their second album was entitiled, "Danger Zone" and included hard core rockers like the title track and "Silver Lining," which showed this band had great diversity. Player could move you to tears with a love song and get you on your feet dancing with their rockers.

Ronn Moss decided to try his hand with acting and became Ridge Forrester in 1987 on the CBS series, "The Bold And The Beautiful" and Peter Beckett toured as a guitarist in the original, Little River Band for nearly nine years and continued to write songs for hit movies such as, "Terminator" and "Major League." JC Crowley went on to have a career in country music before battleing throat cancer. And John Freison resides in Arizona and owns a video production company."Baby Come Back" has stood the test of time and has been featured in numerous TV shows, commercials and movies. Although for years, many fans of the song thought other artists like Hall and Oates or Ambrosia recorded the song, it's apparent now that fans know Player is the artist behind this iconic song that a whole new generation loves just as much!

Player continued to make beautiful music when Ronn Moss and Peter Beckett produced the, "Lost In Reality" Album in the mid nineties, but Ronn Moss' role of Ridge Forrester didn't leave alot of time for proper touring until he left that role after 25 years, in 2012. Since then, Player has been actively touring every summer and have added guitarist Rob Math and keyboardist Buster Akrey to their band. Burleigh Drummond a founding member of the band, Ambrosia has been sitting in recently as their drummer. Together, they currently make up who Player is today and have been touring with other classic rock favorites such as, "Firefall" "Orleans" "Little River Band" "America" "Peter Frampton" and Christopher Cross. The audiences from all over the United States show that a whole new generation love their smooth classic rock sound just as much today as they did in the late 70s. It seems the band has their baby back on track with a new CD entitled, "Too Many Reasons" and more touring in their future! Check out the Player Website for up to date info on where they will perform next!

Published on May 21, 2017

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