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Pink Diamonds’ Debut EP Review – Infectious, Energetic Beats and Pops

By Jill Dale

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With over 25,000 views within days of being release on YouTube, Pink Diamonds song “Party Bus” is making the rounds on the Los Angeles music scene.  The EDM sound of the sensational duo is energetic with beats and pops of a Latin persuasion.  Pink Diamonds appeared at a private event at Lucky Strike during LA Fashion Week and guests became fanatical when the DJ spun “Mr. Hello.”

Pink Diamonds, Yvette Tario and Kelsey Chao

By the time their eponymous debut single reached iTunes in July 2012, the self-appointed Pink Diamonds had been together for a couple of years taking singing and dance at a well-known Los Angeles establishment. The first incarnation of Pink Diamonds was a female trio called Perfect Strangers, and featured 16 and 18 year old Yvette Tario and Kelsey Chao.  Since then the two have performed live at several renowned venues including House of Blues, CBS Studios for the George Lopez Foundation and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Foundation “HOPE-A-Palooza 2013,” as well as the Los Angeles Olympic Coliseum alongside Big Mike and BET Winner Colton B.  Pink Diamonds is produced by multi-platinum and Billboard Award winning music producer, Andrew Lane

Pink Diamonds, Kelsey Chao and Yvette Tario

Pink Diamonds released their debut EP on iTunes on September 25, 2013; the EP includes “Party Bus,” “Perfect Strangers,” “Fantastia,” “Tonight,” and “Mr. Hello.”  Critics have mixed reviews of the EP ranging from energizing and uptempo to auto-tuned sounding. 

“Tonight” is a stand-out massive Latin dance anthem.  It follows the current EDM model of aggressive, treble-heavy pops, beats and hooks.  Crafted for a Pop/EDM landscape, it is a perfect club track and a great fit for Top 40 radio.

“Party Bus” contains rhythmic and repetitive lyrics – fans either love it or hate it.  The song is broken up by the hook of conga beats and fast progression. 

“Perfect Strangers” grabs attention at the very beginning of the song with its electro pop magnetism.  A darker musical tone and aggressive synths are followed by powerful beats from the instruments and rap hook by Kelsey Chao. 

Pink Diamonds, Kelsey Chao and Yvette Tario

“Mr. Hello” was inspired one day when Tario and Chao were at the recording studio and noticed a very good looking, yet arrogant, guy who left without even saying hi.  The two looked at each other and exclaimed “Well Mister Hello!” and the song wrote itself.  “I see you playing your games like you are fly” – the lyrics that begin this ego reducing and female empowering dark EDM are bathed in a island-style hip-hop beat. 

One of the sensational aspects of watching this duo perform is the infectious level of energy and technological sheen brought by their choreography.  With an irresistible uptempo of hooks and synths of Pop/EDM, Pink Diamonds, reminiscent of Destiny’s Child and The Spice Girls in the 90s, is the breakout music group to watch.

Published on Oct 21, 2013

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