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I love music and am always looking for music that inspires, is relaxing, and motivates me in my different task. It's not always easy to find those things in one CD, and I often find myself going from CD to CD when I'm looking for inspiration or when I'm trying to relax. Recently I found an artist that hits all three points for me. Omar Akram's music is moving, and beautiful.

Omar Akram

One day in the office I slipped Omar's album "Secret Journey" into my computer and let it play. It had been a busy day and it was afternoon and time seemed to be moving too slow to the work day’s end. As "Run Away with Me" began to play I felt myself begin to relax and my breathing began to slow. The CD continued to play and I wasn't so worried about what time it was any more, I just did my work. The busy day didn't seem as busy any more, and when it was time to go I was relaxed instead of relieved that a busy day was finally over.

Omar Akram

Omar Akram really is a master on the piano. His melodies freely move and stir the feelings inside you. Each song is unique and yet fits with its counterparts in each album. His newest album, "Daytime Dreamer" is true to his style and has a fitting name. Listening to that album sent my mind wandering. As I sat doing nothing else but listening, my mind began to create scenes to fit the music, and I could have easily sat and put all other duties aside and listened to the whole album in perfect solitude.

Omar Akram

As I listen to another of his albums, "Free as a Bird," I understand how it got its name. Omar Akram's compositions are just that free and flowing. It's as if you are floating through the air as you listen to that album. The music moves you along a path and gently sets you down at the end of each song only to lift you again when the next one begins. His mix of instruments is very pleasing the ear.

Omar Akram

As I listened to these three CD's it is obvious that Omar has explored other cultures and parts of the world. His melodies are rich with the world’s cultures. You can get a glimpse of the world while listening to his albums. Yet his music is unique and it’s almost as if the whole world resides within his mind and he shows us snippets of it with each new price he creates. I look forward to future compositions by Omar Akram and strongly recommend his music to the listeners of the world. For bad days, good days, sick days, workout days, and every day in between his music will not get old.

Omar Akram

Omar Akram is a Grammy award winning artist.  He has fans across the globe, with millions of plays on YouTube. As the son of a United Nations diplomat he got the experience of living in different parts around the globe, giving him the cultural experience to create such vivid music. He told Origin Magazine in an interview, “I create instrumental music because it is the most borderless form of expression I know. Since there are no words, it is not confined by any one language. This gives the power of interpretation to the listener, and my life’s work is connecting cultures and people through the universal expression of music.”

Visit Omar Akram online to learn more about him and purchase his music today!


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