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Plastic Yellow Band is in the tradition of an era when music wasn't considered authentic, unless it was composed and played by actual musicians. This ever evolving band of musicians and instruments, is PYB's ongoing theme. Modeled after the Plastic Ono Band created by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, PYB is composed of a songwriter/musician (Gerry Jennings)and the various musicians that join him at any given time. A collective of sorts that produce original music, perform together, or tour, with it's core remaining; Gerry (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Joe Hurt (bass), and Karl Derrick Tesch (drums). For the 2014 debut Breathe Air the group included Josef Patchen (piano, keyboards) with additional contributions by Dana Rideout (vocals), Joe Smith (guitar/slide guitar), Clay Lee (guitar synth), and Charles Yang (violin). Prior to this Jennings has a long history as a singer-songwriter, performing solo at iconic venues such as the Bluebird Café in Nashville.


Plastic Yellow Band's music reflects the wide range of Jennings talent for production and composition. Some songs are in the singer-songwriter style, produced simply with an acoustic guitar and vocals. Others exhibit the progressive rock influence of Porcupine Tree and Pink Floyd, with an emphasis on varied tempos and multi-tracks. With a lot of the lyrics of course, heavily influenced by the intellectual and emotional depth of Lennon. With singles Climate Change (see new video here) and Nervous being mastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, in the UK.  

In 2006, Jennings sold the financial services business that he had founded, and formed ISI Studios to focus solely on music production. Which he has continued to do via the band and their various incarnations. 

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