MUSE/IQUE - Jazz Laid Down in Pasadena

When your evenings are set with the perfect tune of jazz, it only gets more intimate. This jazzy evening complemented The Castle Press in Pasadena, one of the nation’s busiest printing studios, along with Amid cocktail rounds, light snacks, space, ambiance, and everything that was part of this one remarkable night. The evening started with complimentary wine and tours of the printing studio followed by the performance.


MUSE/IQUE, an innovative cross-genre music organization that embraces the unexpected, curated by noted artistic director/conductor Rachael Worby, continued its popular Uncorked series with “Jazz Laid Down” on Monday, February 11, 2013.

I couldn’t really understand at first, why jazz takes place at a printing palace? But all my questions were answered when I walked to my seat with my special guest and felt the universal energy this place brought to everyone in the audience. 

A 46-ton press served as the stage as the worlds of music, dance, printing and motion intersect in an unusual setting where ultra-high tech digital presses and an 1850 Columbian Hand Press still in daily operation sit side-by-side, creating brochures and fliers for everything from sandwich shops to symphonies. 


Featuring legendary bassist Charlie Haden as special guest along with the electro-acoustic jazz, funk and world music of TriTone Asylum and original choreography by Joffrey Ballet choreographer Alice Alyse performed by dancer Haylee Roderick. The jazz band along with the beautiful host Rachael Worby explained each song with its elements of music. I really like that particular quality of the show. I personally feel the sound of jazz when listening, but not really know how is collectively emerged to create a soothing classical piece. The evening was very special, specially when host and band members were interacting with the audience to give us a hint of why jazz lives in our hearts. From 6 years old to golden age attendees, the room was full of respect for jazz and the joy this genre brings to our lives. All guests received gifts from selected sponsors like: Cuties Oranges bag and a personalized blank card from Castle Press.

Susan and George Kinney are the proprietors of Castle Press, which partnered with MUSE/IQUE for this presentation.


Looking forward to next time.

Ps; let your heart dance to jazz. 

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