Marshall Dane - One of These Days


Country by definition, but fueled by the rock ‘n’ roll guitar riffs mixed with love and salvation is how Canadian Country musician Marshall Dane blends country and rock into his own unique sound. He’s the kind of guy you want to have around when the going gets tough, but luckily with his new album, One of These Days, itis set to be the alibi.

The new album was launched in May of 2013 just in time for last year’s CMAO Awards – for which he was nominated in numerous categories such as Male Artist and Album of the Year. Dane’s latest album puts life back into the swing of things and is motivated by a swirling blast of wonderful melodies giving you a country rush right from the start.



One of These Days is about how I deal with the curves life throws,” says Dane. “It’s not really about where I’ve been but more so about where I am now…where I wanna go…and how I’m gonna get there, wherever ‘there’ is.”

Dane’s single, One of These Days¸ is topped with country rhythms and doses of rock, pop, and of course that splash of soul. Recorded in London, Ontario in June of 2012, One of These Days is the follow –up to Dane’s successful Running Stop Signs, which was released in 2010. With a new single Alcohol Abuse set for a February 2014 release for the U.S. and worldwide, this upcoming year holds much potential for Dane's musical expansion.



Born in Southern Ontario, Dane got his first fix of music at a very young age. With the country sounds of his preacher father and his mother who played the piano in the evenings to his four sisters and two brothers, and not to mention his musical discoveries ranging from John Denver to Michael Jackson – “Thriller was the first album I bought…on cassette!” it was only a matter of time before Dane felt the urge began his musical career.

After spending some time playing in bars and clubs as a solo singer and with a touring band, it has served him as inspiration for writing songs. Dane has opened for Alan Jackson and Emerson Drive and also played at the 2011 CCMA Awards and has toured on his own. And when this amazingly talented man isn’t on stage singing his heart out he’s just an average Joe working out at the gym, feeling the breeze on his motorcycle, or clearing his mind practicing yoga.  



When it comes to composing music Dane admits there is only one source of soul-nourishment that keeps him going, “More and more I find the influences of my parents’ spiritual upbringing permeating my writing.  Mostly the positive stuff like hope, and love, and kindness….you know – the fruitages of the spirit.”

Dane's good judgment and kind heart is what makes him a simple and down to earth kind of guy helping not only with his music but also giving back to the causes he holds dear to his heart such as the Stop A Bully fundraisers, Breast Cancer Awareness, Juvenile Diabetes research and Children’s Make A Wish Foundation, as well as helping with ALS research.  



To catch a glimpse of Marshall Dane visit his YouTube channel, follow him on Twitter, like his Facebook page, visit his official website and listen to his music at Reverbnation

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