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All images courtesy of Bitter's Kiss

When it comes to female musicians who write and perform lyrics wise beyond their years, the music industry has been responsible for discovering such gems as Kate Bush and Lorde. Yet, for some unknown reason most of these artsier female prodigies of the past, tend to come from across the pond. With Bitter's Kiss new CD, Love Won't Make You Cry, there's a new artist that is definitely more home grown.

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  • Bitter's Kiss
  • Waste of it All
  • Love Won't Make You Cry
  • No One Will
  • The Rope
  • Lovin' Life
  • Already Gone
  • Too Far Too Fast

With a voice that is melodic, delicate and at times haunting, Chloe Baker explores a range of styles as she describes her own observations and experience, as the lead singer of indie duo Bitter's Kiss. Although, primarily a vehicle for the singer/songwriter Chloe to showcase her talents, it consists of herself and father Michael Baker (production/guitar/piano/bass/drums), which initially seems an almost odd family pairing. Over the years, we've grown more accustomed to siblings like; The Carpenters, The Jackson 5, or more recently Kings of Leon. That is until you realise that her unique musical upbringing is a prime force behind her pursuing a musical career while still attending high school (High Tech an arts academy) in North Bergen, NJ.

All images courtesy of Bitter's Kiss

Chloe grew up in New Jersey, in a home filled with music, as her father simultaneously maintained a studio, a guitar collection, a band, and being an active member in musical theatre for years. Through Michael, she's already received a crash course in multitasking within the music world for continued success. And young as she maybe has been able, with the guidance of her fatheran impressive musician and studio producer in his own rightto craft some truly special and memorable music, music that speaks to the innate power of the artist. She uses songwriting as a diary and a means of exploring her world. Single The Rope, an uncompromising examination of her own personal feelings about the suicide of a distant cousin, explores the importance of staying true to one's own personal identity.

(watch The Rope video)

Another track, Too Far Too Fast, is a reaction to watching her older sister go off to college and the passing of time. The magic of Baker's work is that despite focusing at times on the melancholy of a very introspective world (hers), she still manages to find hope. Her songwriting endeavours have become more serious over the last year, and she has been working closely with dad Michael to record and produce her music over the past several months. So far, the reception has been incredibly positive. Building a strong social media following from her audiences (150,000 on FB alone) and millions of listens to her work on Soundcloud and Youtube.

All images courtesy of Bitter's Kiss

Even better take a listen (and a look) for yourself.





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