KUBA Ka Makes History

It is a rarity to find a Polish pop star here in Hollywood fighting for his dreams in the world of entertainment. It has been a long journey for this rising star KUBA Ka since he moved to Los Angeles all the way from Poland. Shortly after his arrival to the states he was introduced to (Micheal Jacksons former manager) music industry executive Frank DiLeo. KUBA was the first artist that Frank took on to manage after the passing of Michael.

KUBA Ka and Frank DiLeo

KUBA and Frank took a liking to each other right away. Frank immediately saw KUBA’s vision, and they began recording his first U.S. record. KUBA always knew that he was destined to build an innovative sound in pop. Unfortunately the relationship was short lived due to the passing of the industry executive.

KUBA was certain there was a future for him here in the states, and was determined to become a pop star. He continued to forge ahead, and began climbing the steep road to success even after losing the “dream manager”.

Striking out on his own KUBA quickly became exposed to the never ending scams and trickery of the Hollywood industry where the promises never cease, and the reality is usually just smoke and mirrors, but that wasn’t enough to stops this entertainer referred to as the “Stage Animal”

This young warrior has set out to build an unstoppable team. He was introduced to one of the industry’s biggest entertainment creative directors Laurieann Gibson. She is known for her discovery, and creative architecture of Lady Gaga.

KUBA Ka and Laurieann Gibson

Laurieann Gibson also received a VMA award, and was nominated for an Emmy for her amazing choreography talent, and limitless creations of extravagant productions for Lady Gaga.

“I can see his dedication, and can connect with the vision that KUBA has. We are going to build an epic entertainment experience that has been a dream of his for a very long time”.
Laurieann Gibson

KUBA has recently made history in the studio with ultimate hit maker Sean Garrett; once again Sean has produced his magic incorporating the vision of the KUBA Ka.

Sean Garrett is responsible for the creation of sounds on many of Nicky Minaj and Usher’s hit records.

KUBA Ka and Sean Garrett

Sean Garrett and KUBA Ka have already begun generating a buzz on their soon to be released hit single.

KUBA is a genius in his vision for performance; he deserves this very special song we created”. – Sean Garrett

KUBA recently recorded a duet with close friend Flavor Flav that will also be released early this year.

KUBA Ka and Flavor Flav

This is a Hollywood tale of the American Dream, desired by a boy who started his career in a far away land. KUBA is the people’s entertainer, and has always known his destiny was here in the US.

Keep a look out for “COME TO AMERICA” the story of KUBA Ka.

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