King Green the Party Krasher - Creating Happy Moments Through Music

In a time when you can't help but notice how life has been affected by a down shift in the economy, we find ourselves searching (even harder) for something to laugh and smile about. Although a small percentage of Americans were not impacted by our nation’s financial crisis, the majority percentage who were continue to spend in effort to entertain themselves. In short, where ever there's entertainment, there's a party and where ever there's a party, there's a crasher! Enter King Green the Party Krasher.

Born and raised in the city of wind, King Green decided to pursue a Rap career after taking a sound and acoustics class at Columbia College Chicago. This was the spark that ignited the flame that pushed him to head west to enroll in The Los Angeles Film and Recording School. After a couple of years in the LA sun securing his sound and audio engineering degree, he decided to take up residence on the West coast in order to pursue his dream in the place where dreams come true.

Malcolm Starchild in an online post, about Excalibur Music Vol. 1 says: "The character and personality in his music makes you feel as if you hung out with him before. His style is in the vein of super successful multi-platinum Pop/Rap acts FloRida, LMAFO and Black Eyed Peas but with a Windy City twist. Chicago has long been dubbed House music capitol of the world (and a known party city), so its odd that there has yet to be a Rapper from the city's "new generation" of artists, representing this side of the spectrum. Worry no more, King Green the Party Krasher is hear to re-introduce a side of Chi-Town that has been dormant and/or overlooked for years....From serious (Troubled Inside) and reflective (Morning Balance) moments, to heartbreak (It's Over (Love Sucks) and cult inspired dance moments (The Kool Aid), King Green the Party Krasher gives you everything your heart, mind, body and soul desires."


Online blog Peace Magazine in a review on Excalibur Music Vol. 2: Welcome to the Castle remarks, "Excalibur Music Vol.2: Welcome to the Castle is one of those mixtapes that club DJ’s worldwide will enjoy mixing into their set as much as the average Joe (or Joanne) who simply needs some energetic music to keep their house party poppin. For King Green the Party Krasher its all about representing a style of Rap music the Windy City was once known for and artists of his generation have yet to explore."

King Green the Party Krasher is just a fun guy that lives to get the party started. His sound is a hybrid of Pop, Rap, Club, House and alternative music. An example of this can be found on his mixtapes Excalibur Music Vol.1 and Excalibur Music Vol.2: Welcome to the Castle, where he took 10 of the biggest club hits and turned them into his own. The foundation of his music is Club, but it’s not out of the ordinary to hear King Green take his music to a place that can’t be put in a box but has undeniable Pop appeal, similar to artists such as Wiz Khalifa and B.O.B.

King Green the Party Krasher musical influences vary from Johnny Cash, Kanye West and Queen to Aerosmith and Jemi Hendrix which is why his artistry is expressed from a Pop/Rap and Alternative Rap perspective. He admires the business savvy of several notable individuals in Hip Hop such as; Jay-Z, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, Russell Simmons and Rick Ruben because he's watched these guys do several things he always believed could be done regardless if you originated from an artist driven creative space. 

For Green, it’s all about creating happy moments and touching the emotions. If you enjoy a good party as much as you enjoy fun, thoughtful and entertaining lyrics, you’ll without a doubt enjoy King Green the Party Krasher.

Visit King Green the Party Krasher website, follow him on Twitter, or his blog. If you'd like to book him visit Honest Management.




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