Jez Dior Interview - On Music and How He Infuses Melodic Alternative with R&B


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Starting a career on a path often travelled is tough, especially when you are the son of a notary punk rocker such as Steve Dior. Bridging the gap in the music industry and infusing R&B and hip-hop with alternative is the daring Jez Dior, a rising LA-based artist. Referred to as an ‘Artist to Watch’ in 2013 by MTV, Jez takes a minute to chat with Splash Magazines and let us in on how he challenges the music industry, his idols, inspiration, and the road ahead!

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Sargent: Being the son of punk rocker Steve Dior, did you get your want to be in music industry from him?

JD: I definitely got my talent from him. I had grown up listening to all the music he brought around me. It wasn’t until my cousin got me into rap and hip-hop at the age of 12, and I fell in love with it.

Sargent: How would you describe your sound?

JD: I’m a lot more alternative than the hip-hop out there now, with that said I am guitar driven, and I like to incorporate melody in my music. You’ll notice the verses are very melodic. This stems from inspiration from my father!

Sargent: What's it like gaining recognition from MTV as an 'Artist to Watch in 2013'

JD: That was awesome! Very funny, I had no clue they were writing that because they didn’t tell me anything about it, so I was super surprised! It was definitely a big moment, and the biggest recognition we’ve got so far!

Jez Diors' Mixtape 'Scarlett Sage' Was Recently Released!

Sargent: Your mixtape, Scarlett Sage, recently released whats the meaning behind the name?
JD: Scarlett Sage is my little sisters’ name. The album is built up with all my emotions with the last three years of creating it. Her and my mom are all that I have and care about. The material [on the mixtape] is based off of real life situations and everything is really about me!

Sargent: If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

JD: The lead singer of Kings of Leon.

Jez Diors’ artistic flow and unique sense of style is breaking barriers in the music industry, he is definitely one you want to keep on your radar!

Jez recently released his new video "Hide" which garnered buzz among fans, media and key industry tastemakers – check out the video below!

Also check out the links for a sneak of his mixtape, Scarlett Sage!

Streaming link -

Download link -






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