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Imagine Dragons - A Band That Brings Intensity and Originality to The Stage

By Annnemarie Wall

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Imagine Dragons are a unique band that bring a new kind of intensity, vitality, originality, and music to the stage.  The Las Vegas band elevate jam sessions to new levels that are incredibly powerful, exceptional, and unique.  With a Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance,  American Music Award for Favorite Alternative Artist, and Teen Choice Award for Choice Rock Song; Imagine Dragons are a force to be reckoned with.


Imagine Dragons consists of vocalist Dan Reynolds, guitarist Wayne "Wing" Sermon, bassist Ben McKee, drummer Daniel Platzman, and Ryan Walker on keyboards.  Imagine Dragons gained exposure after the release of their debut studio album, Night Visions.  Following the September 2012 release of Night Visions, Imagine Dragons embarked on a world tour and has been on the road ever since.  Night Visions, is currently certified Platinum in ten countries, having sold over 2 million copies in the U.S. alone.  When Imagine Dragons take the stage it's clear why this band is loved by millions of adjuring fans.   

Imagine Dragons played both Mohegan Sun and Boston's Xfinity Center for their Into The Night Tour.  After an Imagine Dragons show one can understand why they're selling out every venue they play.  When Imagine Dragons take the stage it's clear why this band is loved by millions and are on top of the music world.  Reynolds has energy and charisma on stage that's unmatched.  He interacts with the cheering fans all while performing jaw-dropping vocals and intense drum solos.  The undeniable chemistry between Reynolds, Platzman, McKee, Sermon, and Walker is pure music genius. They play effortlessly with each other and radiate excitement the entire show.  From the heart-pounding drum sessions to the guitar solos of Sermon and McKee; they rock and roll all night long.  Platzman crushes the drums with a unprecedented power.  His talent is unequalled and his playing is electrifying.  Once Imagine Dragons hit the stage the audience roars and you can't take your eyes off them.  Performing hits "Radioactive", "Demons", "It's Time", and "On Top of the World"; the fans went wild with excitement.  Captivating, engaging, and charismatic; Imagine Dragons put on a extraordinary performance that's a must see.  Reynolds, Platzman, McKee, Sermon, and Walker head back into the studio to record their sophomore record in 2014.  Just imagine the musical brilliance and originality they'll bring to their next album.            

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