Iliona Blanc - New French Sensation in Hollywood

I was walking the red carpet with my dear friend Lawrence Davis at the Italian Film Fest at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. When we were about to walk out of the theater, we encounter a great sense of energy that attracted both of us to say hi to Iliona. Her human vibes are very much reflective of her passion for the arts. This time I want to share her musical side, since she’s getting ready to show Hollywood how it’s done in a french way. 

Meet the french sensation, Iliona Blanc...



MarilindaWhere are you from and how did you end up in Los Angeles? 

Iliona- I’m from France. I was born in Gabon (Africa) and raised between the South of France and Paris. I moved to LA 2 years ago for my career. I felt in love with the city when I visited it for the first time a few years ago.


When did you discovered your purpose as an artist? 

When I was a kid, probably close to 10, l knew I wanted to be an artist. I wanted to sing and perform in front of my friends and family. I was creating my own little home productions - dancing, singing and performing - even if sometimes it was only for myself in front of the mirror!  


Tell us about your songs...

I write all my songs. Most of the songs from this album are really sensual. Not all of them but I would say 69%.


Let’s talk about your album... Where does the inspiration come from?

French Kiss is my 1st English album. For me, it’s a sensual postcard from Paris. I want people to make love listening to my songs and dreaming about going to Paris. My inspiration comes from my experiences, my friend’s experiences, my dreams and fantasies. 


If you had the opportunity to sing a duet with a known artist, who would it be the lucky one?

Michael Jackson was my idol and the one who made me want to be an artist and performer. Today I admire Pharrell Williams and would love to have the opportunity to collaborate with him. He’s so original!




From France to LA... What do you remember when you decided to come and chase your dream in CA? 

I was so motivated and full of dreams and I still am. I left my place in Paris and sold most of my stuff. I put my guitars, favorite clothes and books on a boat direction LA, packed a few stuff in my pink suitcase and I took my flight. And now I live in Hollywood and the pursuit of my dream makes me happy and stronger everyday. So far, I’m sticking to my plan: working hard and visualizing what I want to achieve.


Describe the perfect man for Iliona.

Late 30’s, tall, romantic, funny, talented, successful, with family values, who dreams of having kids.And “hot”, of course! 


If you have to describe a French woman in one word, what would it be and why? 

One word is hard. Romantic?! French women like flowers, candles, romantic dinners, breakfast in bed, holding their lover’s hand walking in the streets, whispering “Je t’aime”… 


When you revealed the news “I’m coming to LA!” to your friends and family, what happened? 

I told everyone about the fact I wanted to move to LA many years ago, so everyone was already prepared about the idea of me leaving Paris. My family and friends were sad but they know it’s for the best! 


When is your new album coming out? Where can we find it? Where are you playing next? 

“French Kiss” will probably come out later this year. I’m performing in different venues in LA: House of Blues, The Mint, Genghis Cohen, Vaucluse Lounge. And I’m booking many more shows in great venues. I also will be performing live from my place via website such as

Fill the blanks...


-I love when a man touches my NECK after a long day of work.


-I’m French, so my favorite thing about a French kiss is WHEN THE KISS IS SOFT AND PASSIONATE AT THE SAME TIME.


-FRENCH are the best lovers.


-If I had one romantic date with the man of my dreams, I’ll expect him to MAKE ME FLY TO THE SEVENTH HEAVEN all night long.


-I recommend the song DOODOODOODOO from my new album when French kissing your lover.




Pictures by Steve Erle.


Visit her social media to discover more of her and come and experience her french vibes live. Stay tuned for more of Iliona Blanc... Hollywood, here she comes...

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