Goodbye Birdcage - From Eric Frisch


When you think of today's independent music, 50's and 60's pop doesn't automatically come to mind. But perhaps it should, NYC based artist Eric Frisch definitely thinks so. 

On his new album Goodbye Birdcage, Frisch does just that, by merging modern indie tunes with nostalgic sound production. "I really wanted to create an album that was true to my biggest influences, The Beatles and The Beach Boys, something reminiscent of classic Motown too." Which is pretty incredible, when you consider that Frisch wrote all the songs in only a two week span, "the album tells a story." Title track, Goodbye Birdcage, is about Frisch leaving his home in Toronto and moving to New York City to pursue music. "It all comes together to outline the narrative of moving out, going it alone and figuring your life out one adventure at a time," he explains.

Track listing:

Pretty Girls


Learn to Swim

Goodbye Birdcage

The Sun in Santiago

Heaven Only Knows

Stick Around

All Over Town

Mary Ann

Frisch began his musical journey learning piano at an early age, as he always enjoyed the task of composing. He credits his parents with introducing him to the right music as a teen, cultivating his interest in The Beatles, Jackie Wilson and The Beach Boys. He's taken those influences and elements, and melded them with today's indie sensibilities. Even leaning towards 'Emo' territory in Pretty Girls. A song about passing girls on the street and telling yourself that some day, you’ll have the courage to talk to one of them. Even the video, directed by Steven Tonti, tells the age old tale of low self-esteem and awkwardness. 


This talented artist and performer, knows how to write songs that are original, catchy, and memorable. With a feel good tempo and an uncanny hint of yesteryear. 


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