Gn'Digo Jones - Innovator, Artist, Wolf

Innovator, Artist, and Wolf are three words that would best describe New York Hip-Hop artist, Gn’Digo Jones. Hailing from the streets of Harlem, Gn’Digo Jones, is a talented Indie Hip-Hop artist with a unique style that reflects his life encounters and personal experiences. His mysterious personality, music and creativity have garnered attention while breaking the Hip-Hop archetype.


Gn'Digo Jones

His first single “All Day” initially debuted on YouTube and quickly rose to over 20,000 views. Soon after, his music was featured on VladTV and various hip-hop music blogs. With an insatiable hunger for success, his first single was quickly followed by his mixtape “Viral;” released in 2014, Viral possesses a raw sound with excellent composition.

Outside of his unique sound, Gn’Digo Jones masterfully presents short videos to his fans that are as mysterious and alluring as his persona. Whether intentional or not, everything he introduces seems to have a deeper meaning, which further showcases his artistic sensibilities. Gn’Digo Jones spoon feeds the masses sporadically with 15 seconds of striking visuals paired with captivating lyrics that showcase the complexities of his thoughts. At any given time, his Instagram is flooded with comments from fans that are requesting music or presenting their theory on the hidden messages of his lyrics and videos. Like a puzzle, Gn’Digo Jones simply presents the pieces and allows the fans to create the picture.

Unlike other artists that are attracted to the spotlight, Gn’Digo Jones has kept his image concealed, which has allowed him to connect with his fans solely through the use of his music. Risky yet refreshing, he has reinvigorated our faith in artistry; a dying form that once allowed fans the ability to connect with music and artists on a deeper level. For Gn’Digo Jones there isn’t a hierarchy, he believes that we all have a “Wolf” inside of us and he stands equally with those that have embraced their innate capabilities.


Gn’Digo Jones recently released his latest EP entitled “Gold Children,” which further showcases his artistic edge, paired with raw yet thought provoking lyrics that has quickly captured the attention of many. Without a doubt, we predict that Gn’Digo Jones will introduce the world to compelling subject matter with the use of innovation that is yet to be seen, ultimately transcending the relationship between an artist and his fans by creating his very own…Wolf Pack.


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Instagram: @gndigojones

Photos by: Ravi Balineni


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