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An Award-winning indie outfit with a knack for crafting acoustic guitar melodies with raw emotionally charged vocals, Rome's Luca Bash has successfully fused pop, Americana, with a seasoning of Bossa Nova for good measure. The Single Drops falls into an undefined category, which isn't a bad thing. Although a strong accent can make the lyrics difficult to thoroughly understand, it adds to Bash's storytelling.

The duo likes to strip down the music to it's bare soul, whatever the dialect. Using only two guitars, Luca Bash, and his longtime collaborator Giova Pes have conjured up charming soundscapes for a summer drive or fall road trip.

Your Tomorrow
Forever Like Asleep
Dear John (personal fave)
Little Tale
Black Swans Walls

Nearly a decade in the making The Single Drops functions as the culmination of the work of an experienced artist who explores all manner of mediums – from sculpture to rock and roll. After having released 4 Ep's in 2014 Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black, Luca Bash releases a sort of compilation EP.

With songs that explore that nature of religion to the very nature of our reality they delve into some deep stuff here. Though were times after first listening where I thought hearing just the guitar melodies alone would also make a great compilation. As at times, one could argue that Luca Bash is a stronger guitarist than a singer, but definitely worth a listen.

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