Gearing Up For The Summer - Let's Get Sweaty With Teknofonic Essentials, Volume 1.

Things are heating up this summer for lovers of Dubstep, genre-bending electronica, and all things EDM, thanks to the release of Teknofonic Recordings' newest compilation, Essentials: Volume 1. Founded in 2015 by American composer and producer Adam Reifsteck (alias Sonic Fear), this NYC-based record label supports forward-thinking artists and the type of audiences who crave them.  

At its core, the label seeks to give a platform for emerging artists who aren't afraid to continually add something new to the electronic music scene, even it falls outside of the mainstream, or ethe genre itself. Kicking off with artists like Daniel Monroe's "Novacaine" that appeal to those with a taste for a dancier, sweatier, track. Or founder, aka Sonic Fear's "I'll Be Your World" (ft Veela) for those that prefer a more chilled, downtempo, vibe, for the morning after. All setting the bar for the rest of the artists on board, to truly deliver on sounds, for the more adventurous listener. 

Volume 1: Tracklisting:

1) Sonic Fear - I'll Be Your World (feat. Veela)

2) Daniel Monroe - Novacaine

3) Upper Regions - Below the Surface

4) Jon Lambousis - Confusion

5) 3logit - Limits

6) This Human Condition - Psychotropic (Lobotomy Mix)

7) Scott Cameron - The Stars Above

8) Acid Daze - Trigger

9) J Tizzle - Body Talk

10) Cypha Da Moonchild - Drip Drop

11) Time No More - Biodiversity

12) Elastic Plastic Generation

13) Hyphontriq - Taken (feat. Infinite Crown)

14) Ermias - Back to the Bass

15) Boom - Pure

16 M!nts - LFO

17) Derrick Anthony - Obama Goes to Cuba

18) Perry Engineering - House Music in London

19 S.G.B. - 4

20) Addliss - The End


This label delivers a massive collection that truly has something for everyone, full release available now.


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