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"And now for something completely different," as Monty Python famously once said. I bring them up because at first glance The Lost Poets seem to be channeling a similar "absurdist" tradition. I mean look at them, they appear to have tights and stockings covering their heads. Albeit with the gentlemanly top hats and driving gloves, that they are also sporting. Heralding from Stockholm, Sweden, one wonders if this could simply be a European fetish a la Daft Punk. But covering ones true identity, is pretty much where that similarity comes to a screeching halt. With their thematic elements, being almost void of any humor at all, which in this instance proves to be the best thing. The duo (David Rosengren and Petter Ossian Strömberg) have coined the term "sludgy swamp blues," which they play with abandonment on the dark and shadowy EP Insubordia. 

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Now getting airplay and further interest overseas, The Lost Poet's define their music by a confidently heavy approach, along with Rosengren’s soulful vocals and Strömberg's unique drum techniques. Their debut Insubordia ranges from soft and acoustic, to heavy and bombastic and can be streamed or shared at Soundcloud.

The lead single and it's accompanying music video Ode To K, is about Rosengren's "own life in a twisted sort of way." He says, "these songs just came out of nowhere. It's essentially about a man selling his soul to the devil and how his life was before and after he died. It's also a homage to the love of his life, for trying to help him." I'll be honest without the explaination, I wouldn't have gotten that from the video here at all. What I did get it is a welcome flashback to the 90s and Soundgarden's Black Hole Sun, Rosengren's voice is amazing and can't help but remind the listener of Queens of The Stone Age or Chris Cornell. It's uncanny how similar his vocals are, in that department he may be Cornell's Swedish doppelgänger! It might be also just be a strange coincidence that the band has played O-Baren, a well known bar at the back of the exclusive Sturehof restaurant in Sweden, where Cornell often performs. Other venues include Stockholm's Debaser (Sweden’s best known rock club), and Berns where Bob Dylan, Diana Ross, and Rihanna amongst others have performed live. 


Whether they show their faces or remain anonymous, with that voice and sound, the US will definitely be embracing them much more in the near future.

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