Emancipator - A Trip Hop Great Delivers An Extraordinary New York Performance

A producer has combined trip hop and classical music, made sweet unsurpassed melodies, charmed a variety of music fans, and is now on tour dominating every venue he plays.  This force is better know as, Emancipator

Douglas Appling, most commonly know as Emancipator, is an Oregon based trip hop producer.  Known for his hair-raising melodies and heart pounding beats; Emancipator delivers a smooth and electrifying performance.

The Emancipator experience is a musical journey from when the doors open to the striking encore jam session.  You have to experience a show to truly understand the extraordinary capabilities, unparalleled talent, and musical genius of this musician.  

An audience diverse, but brought together by compelling music and smooth instrumentals.  Accompanied by violinist, Ilya Goldberg, Emancipator has created an all encompassing and spellbinding experience.  It’s music that touches the soul and digs deeper than one might expect from a trip hop concert.  His charismatic and captivating stage presence binds your eyes to the stage.  Goldberg’s excellence playing the violin is riveting and magnificent.  It’s magic when they fuse harmonies and beats.  The virtuosity and energy they create is phenomenal.  The ability they have to compose and orchestrate is enthralling and undoubtedly impressive.  It’s a performance so unique and enchanting you’re engulfed in Emancipator’s intriguing composition.  You leave wanting to hold onto that moment, an event so great you’re begging for more.

Emancipator is a producer and brilliant musician.  His music is unmatched; inspiring melodies, powerful beats, and profoundly addictive music.  Emancipator is one of the greats and his performance is a must have experience.

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