EC Twins - “We didn't choose this path, it chose us”

Los Angeles - When the most popular house music duo in the UK moved to America and almost instantly lost everything, they had to rely on their faith in music for guidance, and party knowledge for survival. Refusing to fail and return back to the UK, Marc and Allister, known as the EC Twins, used their energetic take on the almost invisible house music scene in Los Angeles, and transformed their talents into a project of passion. As the EC Twins say, “We didn't choose this path, it chose us.”

Named after a successful club they established in the U.K. “Eye Candy”, the EC Twins have transcended musical genres and transported Europe’s infamous house music scene into some of the most exclusive clubs in America.  The EC Twins became influencers in branding house music with fashion and art…making it what it is today- a global phenomenon.

Currently two of electronic music's most diverse and influential artists, the EC Twins incredibly contagious show pumps up crowds in some of America's hottest night clubs including LAVO in NYC and Marquee in Las Vegas. Their talent and reputation has transformed the Hollywood party in nightclubs including Supperclub, XIV and Eden.  The EC Twins rocked the house, as they recently performed live sets with Sarah Tancer and LMFAO.

Marc and Allister have proved to the world that they are landmarks in the electronic scene, not only as well respected DJ’s, but also highly sought out producers. Spending the majority of their time in the studio, the EC Twins recently released their own Dirty Vegas remix of “Little White Doves” with Remy Le Duc. We can expect to see several original releases this summer from the dynamic duo, with the EC Twins continually working hard to pave the way for house music throughout the country.

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