Earth To Jimmy Edgar

Detroit's Boy Wonder announces California dates on world tour in support of first Hotflush Recordings release


29-year-old Jimmy Edgar is late for our Skype meeting - almost two hours late to be exact. It has been a painful two week task, booking this brief video call.  A task which has included multiple forwarded messages from his super nice PR lady in Detroit apologizing, explaining the difficulty in scheduling with him because of the time difference in Berlin.  Plus, his calender has been jammed as of late.  He was needed behind the camera for a recent Nero Homme magazine fashion shoot, in the studio for multiple remixes (most recently for Portishead, among others), and behind the decks for the first back-to-back live DJ set in Germany with his Hotflush Recordings label boss Scuba for BoilerRoom.TV.  Then, there's the new music collaboration JETS he's working on with Machinedrum.

Just as I am about to give up, he pops up - finally! But, alas, his video is completely down and his audio is incessantly cutting in and out.  So, we go to keyboard chat, but for some reason, the full page of questions I had carefully researched and crafted regarding his multi-faceted creative output, meditative practices and ensuing world tour goes completely out the window.  He tells me I should be rocking Ankhs and Amethyst in my accessories repertoire, offering a bit of free fashionista advice for the upcoming season.  The concept of time, the mysterious powers of crystals, ensuing Moon phases and astrological chart readings all arise.  I find myself reclining on my cream-colored faux bear skin rug, opening a fresh bag of Frankisence and Myrrh, and breathing in the sweet fumes between my key strokes as I drift, somewhat dazed, into Jimmy's Universe.

Jimmy's Packing

Despite his "Lost In Space Child" vibe, Jimmy Edgar is one of the most consistently productive electronic music producers of the past decade, as well as a one-person creative catalyst. He's an eclectic and internationally shown visual artist, spooky short filmmaker, fashion designer/stylist/photographer and transcendental meditation practitioner.  Jimmy was an accomplished multi-instrumentalist by junior high, then DJing Detroit raves, strip clubs and nightclubs at the tender age of 15. He was signed by Warp Records three years later (his single "I Wanna Be Your STD" was part of the 2009 Warp20 20th Anniversary Box Set, but he says it makes him cringe), then departed a few years and releases later. His discography consists of nineteen releases on mostly European labels, and a 2008 EP with Richard Devine on Detroit Underground.


Majenta is his fourth full-length musical release, and first on Hotflush, and it is packed full of dance floor delights. Warning: multiple eargasms may be experienced while listening on headphones late at night. Just one play of the stone-cold, super sexy R&B jam "In Deep" will confirm that Jimmy is perhaps one of the funkiest white boys on the entire planet right now. "Indigo Mechanix (3D)" is pure manic tonal brilliance - a beautifully unsettling, yet inspirational sonic six minute sojourn. The early 80's-tinged production slickness of "Touch Yr Body Time" is a tasty dance floor come-on, with slight reminiscence of NYC's Jellybean Benitez and other early quality urban Freestyle. Other stand-out tracks are the erotic auto hi-jinks theme "Sex Drive," the Classic House nod "U Need Luv" and the uplifting positive vibe projection of "Let Yrself Be" (Jimmy also directed the video to this track). 


The video teaser for the Majenta live LED/music visual performance show is a one minute chunk of delicious sensory perception overload.  Pulsating, multi-colored, sensuous and perfectly timed LED lights are programmed by Jimmy to correspond to his vocals and music on "This One's For The Children" -


We don't like television
We don't like New Wave
We don't like celebrities
We just want what we crave


Majenta is itself, Jimmy's discourse on color and the future possibility of human ability to see into other light spectrums and experience new, never-before seen hues.  Medical note:  the Majenta LED/music visual performance live show is not intended for epileptic audiences.


Jimmy Edgar's latest full length release Majenta is out now on Hotflush Recordings. See his DJ set at Los Globos in Los Angeles on September 27th and his LED light/music Majenta live visual performance at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco on September 28th.  For further world tour dates go to:



Photos:  jimmyedgar @ Instagram   Top photo:  Copyright © 2012 Anjeli Jana

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