Devine Xperience's New Self Titled Album - Produced By DJ Keoki

"I try to take listeners on a journey into their inner most senses, almost as though I am acting as a musical Shamen of sorts."  He also loves aliens, breakbeats and his partner Vanessa Garic’s voice. "So I aimed to bring all of those worlds together into one freakish musical mutant," says Robert Jaros. Ah, good to know. 

The Devine Xperience the eccentric electronic duo signed to (Superstar DJ) Keoki Records, who also produced their self titled album, is the brainchild of producer Robert Jaros aka Robert Devine. With singer and creative director Vanessa Garic who guides the artistic and visual aspects of the group, as well as lending her skills as a live performer. 

 When she isn't channeling Leigh Bowery, Garic has a background as a seasoned make-up artist and former personnel stylist for Louis Vuitton in Beverly Hills. 

Devine comes from a more musical path. He began playing the piano at the age of five, during high school he played with various punk bands. In '92 he attended what he believed to be a Deee Lite concert, it was not, it was Rabbit in the Moon. His first rave and that changed his life forever. Throughout the 90's Robert got more involved in Southeast Rave Scene producing and performing breakbeat, drum & bass, and house music live P.A. By the early 2000's he began producing for such artists as Lil Wayne, Pastor Troy and the Eastside Boyz. Continuing to develop as a side project, what has now become known as The Devine Xperience. 

This latest album features remixes from: Jackal (of Jackal & Hyde/Dynamix II), Decoding Jesus, The Duke and The Kaiser, and DJ D-Xtreme. All songs have been mastered by Warren Hernandez, with executive producers Edgar Montiel and DJ Keoki. So if you are into dance music that covers topics from aliens to politics, musically fusing dubstep, breaks, electro, trance, and acid—and I mean who isn't—enjoy this trip. The Devine Xperience album release is supported by three music videos, college radio and upcoming performances at a rave, club, festival or cosmic plane near you.


Get more Devine Xperience:

With the world premier of The Devine Xperience - Completely in a Trance music video on Facebook now. 


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