David Pack Interview - Flawlessly Blends Music and Wine In The Album 'Napa Crossroads'

Many may know him from being the producer of many hits with legendary artists such as: Selena, Aretha Franklin and Kenny Loggins, as well as being the founder and lead vocals of Ambrosia, however, David Pack is a jack of all trades, and just added to his roster: Napa Crossroads.

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Pack is originally from Los Angeles, California. In his latest project, Napa Crossroads, Pack lends us his vision, and honorary judgment to not only explain but lead us through his journey of  where Napa and its surrounding cities come together and flourish through wine and music.

A project that has been five years in the making- Napa Crossroads has been described as a ‘dream project’. Through his love and yearn for the art and craft of wine making, Pack has flawlessly created a unique album so everyone can get a small ‘taste’ of what Napa is about. “My first time going to Napa was almost 30 years ago” shares Pack. “It is a place that has grown to be my little secret where I can find tranquility and inspiration.

Napa Crossroads is Available Starting March 11th! Courtesy Photo

Pack, who is widely known for his success in the music industry decided to pair with amateur song writers who just happen to share his love for music joined forces in order to create Napa Crossroads. Re-introducing ‘good music’, Napa Crossroads is an album where each winery put together a very melodic song that tells a story. An album with personalization, a beginning, and an end; Napa Crossroads shows pride of its origination. “I chose the name Napa Crossroads because it represents the intersection of wine culture and music culture, says Pack. The blending of the two creates this unique hybrid.”    

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“Napa Crossroads is a well-crafted perfect blend of classic and current artists, says Pack. I hope this serves as a backstage pass to what Napa has to offer.”

Wineries on the album include: Jeff Gargiulo/Gargiulo Family, David Duncan/Silver Oak, Larry Maguire/Far Niente, Suzanne Pride/Pride Mountain and Carmen Policy/Casa Piena. This album is available starting March 11th, with a pre-order on Amazon.

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