Daphna Edwards Ziman – Activist, NY Times Best Selling Author and Writer/Director

There Are No Free Thrills - -Cheaters Always Lose And It Costs Them Everything

Theme of New Country /POP Track Penned By Daphna Ziman

“Gimme the Money Honey!”


From John Edwards, Arnold Schwarzenegger to Tiger Woods- Cheating Costs So Much More than Money!

Activist, NY Times Best Selling author and writer/director Daphna Edwards Ziman returns to her roots in music with her new song Gimme the Money Honey on her album entitled, Lavender Thorns; Dance on Your Own.  One of the most influential Woman in the United States, Daphna Edwards Ziman, stands up to cheaters and encourages woman that they can recover and not to give up on themselves.  In her song, she sings what many woman feel and wish they could express – you left me for another woman that is just looking at you as a cash machine- you will get yours! The song speaks for women who have been betrayed and that cheaters forfeit the love of a wife  for a fantasy turned nightmare.   Taking a cue from the experience of her own life,  Ziman penned the song as a call to action for woman that are cheated on, lied to and generally mistreated by their men and reminds them that they themselves have the inner power inside to change their lives by reinventing themselves.  Ziman has dedicated her music to raising awareness and money for at risk foster children, proceeds from sales of the song are going to Children Uniting Nations.
“Cheating is selfish and affects family, friends and ends up costing so much more than just the initial relationship,” Ziman comments, “ Cheating creates a broken home, broken lives and women lose their homes, families and can lose hope if they don’t stand up to fight and reclaim their identity that they put on the shelf for their husband.”

Daphna Edwards Ziman

Daphna Edwards Ziman started in music and singing in 1980 with her punk/pop band and advanced her successful career and reputation to include world renowned childrens advocate,  best-selling author, political activist  and children’s advocate. After experiencing her own break-up, Daphna refused to be a typical cliché of a woman scorned, she decided to channel her energies into her music and inspiring others.  It’s Better than therapy!
She first wrote the country pop song Gimme the Money Honey and partnered with Jazz favorite Carol Welsman to refocus her pain into something that raises money to help abused and neglected girls which is the mission of the charity CUN,  for the charity Children Uniting Nations. Proceeds from the song help foster children just as her New York best-selling book did The Grey Zone, written about a woman who survived human trafficking.

The song is performed by newcomer Lia Branly who has performed with artists Celia Cruz, Jon Secada, and Luis Conte.  

Ziman further comments on the project and inspiration, “ We are all wounded but amongst us are those that wound and those that heal , I believe this song and album heal. We all go through pain and rather than give the power to those that hurt us, the best form of revenge is to rise above it and not let them hold you down. This song was cathartic and fun and provides an opportunity to raise money for foster children who have been abandoned, abused and left alone while serving as an inspiration to them to grow beyond their circumstances. Whether you are 16 going thru your first break up or an established woman going thru a complicated divorce it is painful  process and you need to invest in yourself and find the funny side of life. ”

The song has a country, jazz and funk undertone with lyrics describing a carefree approach to a woman who has been badly wounded and a man who thinks the grass is greener but finds out the grass is very brown! The song in one in 14 tracks on her album Lavender Thorns and is available now on ITunes, Pandora and most downloadable websites! The album’s official release is July.

Daphna Edwards Ziman

About Daphna Ziman:

Daphna Ziman is a filmmaker, founder of a music label, children’s advocate and best selling author. She is known internationally and in the Halls of Power in Washington, DC, for her creative and unusually successful work on behalf of saving abandoned children. Ziman’s  first-hand experience, having adopted her daughter after rescuing her from a homeless shelter, inspired her debut novel The Gray Zone. As the founder and chairperson of Children Uniting Nations, a 501(c)3 charity that provides foster children with devoted, non-paid mentors, she successfully lobbied to amend the Family Preservation Act, ensuring safety of children returning home after foster care. 

Website www.LavenderThornsMusic.com
YOUTUBE PAGE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7jLpOXsMnY&feature=plcp 
FACEBOOK FAN PAGE: www.facebook.com/LavenderThorns 
TWITTER: www.twitter.com/lavenderthorns1 
REVERBNATION: www.reverbnation.com/LavenderThorns 


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