Capital Cities Electrifying Performance - Red Bull Sound Space Brings the Best in L.A Once Again

On Thursday, February 28th at 1pm PST, the Los Angeles indie electro band, Capital Cities, kicked off the month with an electrifying performance at the Red Bull Sound Space at KROQ. Approximately 150 local fans watched the performance from within the intimate space and many more worldwide through the live stream online at

Capital Cities was formed by Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian, their debut EP was released on June 7, 2011 with lead single "Safe And Sound". A subsequent single, Kangaroo Court, was released on May 1, 2012. They were featured on the Pop Up #1 compilation curated by Perez Hilton that was released on August 7, 2012. The band gave their fans a treat as they performed new material, as well as their hit single "Safe and Sound", which is #8 on the KROQ playlist. 

I usually don’t listen to radio stations, but when I’m craving for the best pop tunes from today, I just need to ask my friends from KROQ. They really know what good pop music sounds like. RedBull and KROQ are aligned to enjoy their vision for music along with their fans: to bring the hottest bands to their new nest RedBull Sound Space. This is one of the best concert venues in California for bands to shine the right way with their fans live and through online streams. This was my first time listening to Capital Cities, and I have to say, I was dancing and singing their catchy melodies for the whole show. It was the right place to be on a Thursday afternoon, great start to a fun weekend. 

I’m a fashionista, so even when the band creates a new sound in this competitive industry, I like seen also new styles; and so Capital Cities raised the bar very high. They all agreed to sound and look hot, sexy and effortless; the best combo for a hot pop band. Their neon green jackets popped on stage like if they were glowing night crickets or I call it “sexy cucubanos”. 

This band brought the perfection of tunes using the right amount of volume and original sounds to radio stations. One of my favorite highlights: the trumpet! It really added a sensual energy to their songs. It sounded like they really cared about contrasting the feminine and the masculine in their new material. They started the show by covering the popular song “Nothing Compares To You”, it was amazing! I noticed it was a cover song when the chorus was played, they did it Capital Cities’ Style, so it sounded fresh and new.

The fans and I enjoyed the Capital Cities photo booth. Giving away Capital Cities oversized sunglasses and providing all fun items to look like one of the band members. This booths are so popular now, I guess we all need one at home and at work to have fun, and to remember to smile every day; maybe this could change our life style tremendously. At the end of the show the band signed posters for fans and interact with them.

Capital Cities is definitely one of the most good looking bands out there! So stay tuned for local performances.


For more Capital Cities Hot News visit Red Bull Sound Space and learn more about the best music performances at your favorite station KROQ 

Photos courtesy of  Red Bull Content Pool 

Ps; Music is an art form, create peace & joy and dance to your own life’s tunes. Play. 

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