Call Me Princess - New Moniker for Bad Girls Songwriter

Princess Single Cover photo by Edward Flowers

Singer and Songwriter Ayvee Verzonilla adopts a brand new name for her bad girl rap personality in Princess song.

Why the new name?

Honestly, I wanted to create a space for me to express that part of my personality! As people, we all experience different moods and emotions. Princess is the bratty little girl inside of me. She has a big mouth and says whatever she wants. She’s uncensored and unapologetic. As an artist, it’s liberating to take it there. 

Ayvee at the Princess recording session

Dope. The single Princess is fire. What was your inspiration for the lyric “Don’t make me angry”? It’s funny but I wouldn’t want to make you mad. Who produced it?

(Laughing) Well, I came up with the hook and the concept of being a princess first. When I channel a character, it’s easy for me to put my all into it. Any little princess who doesn’t get her way or is challenged by someone would throw a tantrum, so I guess that line is a warning.

The beat is produced by my good friend Choko of Fiyah House Music Studios. We’ve been working together for a long time and he’s so talented. He pulled up the track and I immediately wanted to write to it.

Producer Choko of Fiyah House Music

What are you working on now?

I’m working on new songs and experimenting with various styles as a songwriter. I’ll be singing more, as well as rapping. My theme song for Bad Girls All Star Battle Season Two is now airing on the Oxygen Network at 9/8 central time.


Where can we find you online?

Ayvee Official Website

Ayvee Soundcloud

Listen to the Princess single by Ayvee here

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