California Philharmonic’s Thrilling Concerts Under The Stars Begin - An Evening With John Williams & Friends

The California Philharmonic opened its summer season on a perfect Saturday evening, June 28th, 2014, on the green of the Santa Anita Race track in Arcadia, California.

Maestro Victor Vener started the evening by introducing his musicians briefly and then moving straight into the scary and heroic sounds of the Carmina Burana, featuring a powerful choir for this medieval piece.

After introducing John Williams as one of the greatest film composers of or time, Vener continues his energetic and enlightening commentary from the podium by commenting on how perfect Williams sets the mood for his compositions, getting his inspiration from composers like Wagner, Mahler and Strauss.

The evening follows with Schindler’s List and Brahms’ Double Concerto performed by father and son duo, cellist Dennis Karmazyn and violinist Max Karmazyn. Young Max reaches new heights with his sensible interpretation of the beautiful theme of Schindler’s List and both artist

Compliment each other performing the loving music of Brahms whose music is usually misinterpreted as heavy.

The evening continues with a selection of pieces from some of John Williams’ most memorable scores, including Star Wars, E.T., Jaws and Jurassic Park, reminding the audience of the great movie classics.

Vener dedicates the sounds of Saving Private Ryan to the fallen soldiers, who have been bravely protecting this country.

Special guest, African Princess and co-author of A Princess Found detailing her extraordinary story, Sarah Culberson performs a gripping reading of ‘Dry Your Tears – Africa’ from the epic film Amistad, in both the original Mende (a major language in Sierra Leone, and the native language of both Culberson’s African ancestors and many, if not all, of the captured slaves aboard the original ship Amistad) and the English translation, will introduce director Steven Spielberg’s powerful reenactment of an 1839 shipboard slave rebellion. The score, composed by Williams, was nominated for both the Academy Award and Grammy for Best Original Score leaving the audience with wonderful impressions of a culturally rich and far away country.


Next on the program is William’s composition of the movie The Terminal where the Clarinets takes center stage.

 Lastly the California Philharmonic, whose musicians are among the world’s top artists, performs Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, transporting music lovers beyond their imaginations to places only top- notch artists reach.

 The Santa Anita Race track is a fantastic music venue and provides endless views of the San Gabriel Mountains. You can bring a pick-nick and sit on the grass or choose to dine on tables with open skies above. With on-site gourmet dining options, a full bar and unlimited parking this is a popular site for casual or elaborate parties for family and friends. The following concerts will be this summer on the green of Santa Anita Race track:

July 12

Cowboys & Copland


July 26

Magic, Fantasy & Adventure


August 9

Movie Masterpieces


August 23

Broadway & Bolero


For tickets, please go to or call 626-304-0333

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