Ben Caron - Refreshing Soulful Folk Pop Sound

Ben Caron’s self-titled debut album released on June 4, 2013. A culmination of three fully fan-funded EPs his full-length album is driven by the universal themes and relationships. Together they create a story of an evolving relationship and showcase Ben Caron’s extraordinary gift at writing songs that are at once relatable and personal.

Caron started writing songs at the age of fifteen when he found his mother’s old guitar in the attic. A completely self-taught musician, he spent hours at home picking out chords and creating new musical arrangements on this old guitar. When his music started to pick up a local following, he realized that there was actually potential for his passion and his work to be one and the same. From that point, he moved to Los Angeles to attend Cal State LA, where he continued to pursue music while studying acting Ben Caron’s journey to create and release his debut album is a testimony to the power of good music.

The album is completely fan-funded; a result of a blog Caron set up to reach out to his friends and fans for financial support in recording his album. Support poured in and has covered the recording process from the beginning to putting the finishing touches on the album. The album was been built piece by piece, allowing Caron to include the fans in the process by releasing a series of EPs (each with 3 songs) that together will make his 11-song debut album. The songs will be re-mixed and re-mastered to create an entirely new compilation of music for the release.

Ben Caron’s soulful folk pop sound is refreshing and rare among the throw-away ditties that comprise the pop genre today. It is melodically driven, intentionally crafted with real musicians in order to create a sound that is timeless and moving. Caron’s music is undeniably relevant, drawing on emotions to which everyone can relate. He has a story to tell, and he tells it with honesty, purpose and emotion through amazing music.

Learn more about Ben Caron, join him on Facebook, or follow him on Twitter! You can also subscribe to his Youtube channel or check out his musical web-series with fellow singer/songwriter Anthony Starble.

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