Bastille Review - English Rock Ignites Boston's 104.1 Mix Lounge

Bastile rocked the Royale Boston on January 20th, 2014.  The following day they jammed at Boston’s 104.1 Mix Lounge.  I had the opportunity to attend the 104.1 Mix Lounge and was blown away by Bastille's performance.  This English rock band played one of my most memorable and favorite acoustic rock performances.   

Bastille formed in London in 2010.  Members Daniel Smith (lead vocals, keyboards, percussion, producer), Chris Wood (drums, backing vocals), William Farquarson (bass, keyboards, acoustic guitar, backing vocals), and Kyle Simmons (keyboards, percussion, bass, backing vocals) have been making extraordinary music ever since. The name of the band derives from Bastille Day, an event celebrated on Daniel Smith's birthday, 14th of July.  Bastille released a 7”/45 rpm single in 2010 featuring two tracks “Flaws” and “Icarus”.  In 2011, they released their EP Laura Palmer.  Their first single “Overjoyed” was released in 2012 off their first studio album, Bad Blood.  Singles “Bad Blood” and “Flaws” followed and Bastille began climbing the charts.  In February 2013, they released their forth single off Bad Blood, “Pompeii”.  “Pompeii” reached number two in the United Kingdom and Bad Blood soared to number one in the UK Album Chart a week later.  Since then they've released their fifth single “Laura Palmer” in 2013, toured with Muse, released a collection album All This Bad Blood, and began their own worldwide tour.            

I was blown away by Bastille’s Mix Lounge performance.  Their style, sound, vocals, and charisma are unrivaled.  Smith’s voice is captivating and compelling.  When accompanied by band members Wood, Farguarson, and Simmons they command the room.  Their music's unique and electrifying.  They played their two hit singles, “Pompeii” and “Bad Blood".  Bastille's incredible vocals, hair-raising lyrics, and striking stage presence made this performance acoustic rock perfection.  Not only is this band exceptionally talented, but they're true English gentleman; polite, charming, musically gifted, and charismatic.  Bastille is a must see and their album All This Bad Blood is a must have. 


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