Basketball Wives Star Tami Roman Interview - Introducing Her Rapper Daughter Jazz

Behind bright lights and expensive cameras, is a young woman with a charismatic personality and beautiful features. Jazz, a 16 year old rapper moves around the set looking directly into the camera, rapping about a love she was forced to abandon after betrayal. Upon watching her for a few minutes observers realize that she is no stranger to the bright lights.


Baby I'm Gone

Jazz is the daughter to notorious TV personality and actress Tami Roman. Tami first emerged on the scene as a cast member of MTV’s The Real World in 1993. Since then, Tami’s career elevated to new heights with reoccurring roles on various shows and was featured as a guest on The Oprah show. Tami Roman’s spotlight continues to shine as one of the stars of Vh1’s #1 show Basketball Wives. The world was first introduced to her daughter Jazz on the show, as viewers watched her embark on a music career.

Tami Roman

As the music penetrated the walls of the set, the young woman effortlessly released lyrics from her lips. Standing in the dim shadows behind the camera was the director and producer, her mother Tami Roman. Tami offered encouragement and constructive criticism while maintaining an authoritative role as director, further exposing her business sensibility.  

Director/ Producer Tami Roman

Behind The Scenes

Tami Roman providing Jazz instructions on set

Mike Brown, Director of Photography and Poprah, Co Producer and CEO of Hollywood South worked alongside Tami to ensure the proper perception and delivery of the video’s concept, sound and visuals.

Relationship Issues

Jazz Performing her lines

We had the pleasure of sitting down and interviewing Jazz and her mother Tami Roman in her hair and makeup room.

Rapper/ Singer Jazz

Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m Jazz Anderson, I’m 16 and I’m a rapper.

What inspired you to pursue a music career?

Ever since I was younger I had a love for poetry and writing and my love for music grew over the years. I find Kayne West to be the biggest inspiration. His music pushed me to do it, because I grew up listening to him all the time. I put my own poetry to music and created a flow and then started rapping.

You are a singer and a rapper, how would you describe your sound as an artist?

I find myself to be a fresh new talent for a younger generation, but I also have songs that someone older would find themselves listening to. I’m able to switch it up which makes me diverse and something new.

Tell us about the production process of your mixtape “The Takeover”

That took about a month to do. I actually put a blast on twitter saying, “Producers if you have any beats send them to me!” I started there and wrote all the songs on the mixtape. I worked with my Uncle Charlie who has been in the music industry for years along with a vocal arranger. This is my first mixtape as a new artist, but I think I did pretty well.

The Wire seems to be a fan favorite and is the most downloaded song from your mixtape. What is your favorite song from The Takeover and why?

“Keep your head up,” I put so much emotion into it and expressed my road as an artist. Basically letting people know that it’s not easy, but you have to come with something new because people aren’t going to want to listen or be bothered if you don’t. You have to find your sound and hope that others like it.

Are there any obstacles that you have to overcome being that you’ve been in the public eye and on television with a Mother in the entertainment industry?

Definitely! When people here that I’m Tami Roman’s daughter from Basketball Wives, they don’t want to give me a fair chance. They think I’m another celebrity kid attempting to obtain fame off of who their mother is. They don’t know that I was doing this before Tami Roman appeared on Basketball Wives making her statement. I’ve wanted to do this since I was younger. That’s probably one of the hardest obstacles I have to overcome…just getting people to listen.

You have a unique flow and delivery. Who influenced your style?

Kanye West and Missy Elliot, Missy is so creative in my eyes and she inspires me.

Shifting gears, we would like to ask your Mother and Music Video Director/ Producer a few questions.

Tami, you have been within the entertainment industry for years, do you have any concerns for your daughter entering the music industry?

I think most importantly to stay true to who she is, which I don’t think will be a problem because that’s a staple in our household. Staying true to who you are and not letting the music industry, the media or the fans dictate what they want you to be. Always be what you envisioned yourself to be, rather than falling into the public perception of you.

You are guest starring in a new sitcom Belles, Can you tell us about it?

Yes, Miguel Nunez is the producer of Belles and I play a character by the name of Loretta.

Tell us a little bit about Loretta

Loretta is spicy; I like to call her the “Jackee” (Character from hit show 227) of the new millennium. We live in Atlanta; we’re a very affluent family that owns a soul food restaurant. I play the sister to actress Elise Neal, who is extremely business minded and I’m the one who ensures the restaurant stays “hot!”

What are some other projects that you are working on?

I am a producer in a sense that I produce short films. I did a short film called “The Tombs” which won the Paul Robeson award and The HBO short Film award at the competition held at The Martha’s Vineyard Film festival. I’m trying to transition behind the camera; one way is helping my daughter with her music video and continuing to do my short films. I love short films! I’m not ready for a feature yet, but I am transitioning to directing and producing.


One thing is certain; the mother daughter duo is serious about business and expanding their brand. Fans can find Jazz on her youtube and twitter pages. You can also see Tami Roman on Season 5 of Basketball Wives Miami on Vh1 and Belles on TVOne. 


The Takeover

Photography by: Adrien Delstanche

Styling & Wardrobe by: Secrets Couture

Makeup by: Image Cosmetics



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