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Latimer House might be based in Prague, but the band's lineup has an international flavor. Joe Cook (guitar/vocals) is a Londoner, Anar Yusufov (keyboard/vocals) is from Baku, Azerbaijan. With Mike Jetton (bass) a native Virginian and George Kominek (drums) stemming from Toronto. All four have played in various bands down the years, with Jiří and Anar still busy with musical projects aside from Latimer House. Their music is reminiscent of Pheonix and The Strokes, with lyrically dark yet cheerful melodies that are decidedly Pixie-esque. With Splash having an almost summer-like feel to it. Although Joe's vocals give a very Britpop sensibility to the proceedings. 

A wide range of musical tastes influence the quartet, from classic 60s and 70s rock to funk and new wave, which can be heard within certain elements of their style. Giving tracks a texture without over production, or fancy digital techniques. A refreshing change these days, even with standard modern guitar rock bands. Back in May 2012 they went into Prague's Faust Studios for the first of several sessions with engineer Derek Saxenmeyer, to record a unique collection of songs, 10 of which were selected for All The Rage. The last track they recorded was their first release: This Is Pop. 

All the Rage Tracklisting:

This Is Pop


Eye Can See

Open Your Heart

Birdcage Walk

Red Heart Sequin Blues

Your Love

Love's Undermined



The band often collaborates with additional musicians, but All The Rage wouldn't be what it is without the skills of engineer Derek Saxenmeyer. Musicians Jim Thompson, Justin Lavash, Tommy Levvechia, and Jan Keller, the virtuoso cellist from the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, brought an additional dynamic to Latimer House.

Latimer House headed back into the studio last month,to begin recording new material for their next full-length album due in 2015.




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